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Would a federal job be compatible with national guard service?

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  • Would a federal job be compatible with national guard service?

    Just wondering if it's possible to join the guard while holding a GS job. Also, would your experience with the guard effect promotion on the federal side of the fence, or vice versa?

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    Re: Would a federal job be compatible with national guard service?

    Having a fed job has been no problem for me serving in the guard.

    I have spent a lot of time on the OPM website finding things about about leave and training, holding of positions during deployment, etc.

    While the fed system isnt the best (city cops I work with get "make whole" pay which forces thier employeer to pay them the difference between their salary and their army pay so they dont loose money - something feds dont have), it is still very accomodating.

    As a fed with my agency (in DOI) I get 120 hours of Military Leave automatically which I can use for training when I am not at work (2 week Annual Training), and you may use Annual Leave or Comp Time to double dip for Active Duty for Training (like basic training). You can also carry over something like 120 hours of military leave from one fiscal year to the other and it is not use or loose. Overall I wont be loosing any money even with my E-4 pay being a lot lower than my gov salary. Will even get a little ahead double dipping.

    My employer also realizes that the training I will be receiving will make me much better at what I do, so they have embraced it wholeheartedly. Its been a little bit of a learning curve for our admin folks to learn the Military pay codes, etc. but they havent given me a hard time about it. I know lots of feds who are prior military or still in the guard, and all think it was the beneficial to them.

    I also know once you do enough active duty time or have a few years in the guard you qualify for preferential hiring (going to the top of the certs for hiring).

    Also in my agency (and most others I think) they must hold my position up to 5 years if I am deployed.

    This has been the best decision I have ever made and if you are thinking about I would say go for it. Feel free to PM me if you additional questions.


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      Re: Would a federal job be compatible with national guard service?

      Yes! I am an Army federal employee and it is extremely compatible. If you can, if you're looking for law enforcement go into ICE. I'm not sure if its all of DHS or just the sub agency but they treat soldiers very well. After your military leave is up they match the difference in your salary for a year. Much better than the army treats its own employees in dual status.

      I honestly think its more compatible than a typical job. My careers arent equal, I'm a Infantry 2LT in the guard and I'm an Intel guy for the army otherwise, but it makes no difference. My Command is very happy with me stepping up and being in uniform regardless of job or status. Like the previous poster said, on october first i get 120 hours (three monday-friday) weeks of paid military leave, on top of my vacation and sick time, to use for military purposes. On AT every year I get double paid.

      Godo stuff


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        Re: Would a federal job be compatible with national guard service?

        It really boils down to your job and boss. I've seen mil techs get jerked around for military leave and thier boss was a mil tech.

        Overall, it probably won't help or hurt you as long as your military and civilian career don't compete for your time. Meaning, if you have to travel a lot and miss drill, you may have problems. Same with your civlian job, you start missing a lot of work due to the military, you may have problems.