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Annual Training and the Fiscal Year

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  • Annual Training and the Fiscal Year

    If you do an Annual Training in the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October have you succesfully done two years worth of AT, or does it go off the calendar year??

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    Re: Annual Training and the Fiscal Year

    Unless there is some reg out there that I am not aware of (and there are many) a month long AT at the split of fiscal years "should" count as two weeks for each fiscal year. Of course your state could see it differently... The big points on AT that I see are this:

    1. Your retirement point count runs based on your anniversary dates from enlistement - so a month long AT will count toward your current point year in its entirety, unless your anniversary falls into the AT time - then it will be split against each year.

    2. Unit training years are always based on the fiscal year, in my experience; chances are you may be paid for FY11 and FY12 AT time seperately - of course this again depends on your unit and state policies and how they process your orders and credit training time.

    3. Soldiers who have run "year-long" AT time (accruing AT days throughout the year as opposed to doing a full training period) are normally running against the fiscal year as opposed to a calendar year.

    In my current organization all IDT and split-training had to be 100% completed by mid-month September - but my unit is doing its AT the last 2 weeks of September with the IDT (MUTA 4) integrated at the front half (currently taking place) - this has been a mess and a nightmare - as our JFHQ will not budge on this, and I have soldiers who may have to be excused from IDT and not get credit for this...

    Let me know what you find out on your situation - I am currently working to plan for FY12 so my soldiers do not have to deal with uneccessary nonsense at the end of a fiscal year again...


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      Re: Annual Training and the Fiscal Year

      If your state runs October to Sep, then yes should count as your AT for both years. I know some units in our state were doing that this year. I wish I would have been able to do that with a unit. Get it all knocked out at once!


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        Re: Annual Training and the Fiscal Year

        That's how I've always done my AT in my Unit. Three 5 day weeks end of Sept, and three 5 day weeks begining of Oct