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Figuring out my plans (HELP please)

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  • Figuring out my plans (HELP please)

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen any requirements for an introduction on this forum, so excuse me if that happens to be the case. I am a senior in high school and I have always wanted to serve. Now, the time to make major decisions in my life is right on top of me. Considering I have no insider experience, I'm looking for some advice from people who have "been there done that".

    That being said:

    - I have narrowed down the branch I want to serve in to Army/Guard. I'm not a fan of ships, I want a career, and I'm not a fan of how the AF runs things. So, that eliminates the Navy, Coast Guard, USMC, and AF.

    - I eventually want to be an officer but I feel/have heard that enlisted service is important for an officer to be respected more and know how to deal with enlisted personnel since they have been in the enlisted shoes. And I would like to see some action (of almost any variety) before becoming a desk jockey.

    - I have been interested in Cav Scout and Infantry and have read 99% of all the threads about those two MOS's and still can't decide.

    I want to get some "hooah" schools but I wouldn't have time in college. I'm thinking about going through the Guard in college as a Scout and then activating when my contract is up as an 11b (since I've never heard of a recruiter saying no to someone enlisting for 11x, PS or Non-PS) so I will have time for those schools and be able to put in a packet for OCS and have a good chance at Infantry Officer. Is any of this a good plan?

    Every bit of information is greatly appreciated and thanks for your time.

    (I hope I have avoided catching any flak for "wannabe" mistakes. If I have messed up, posted in the wrong category, or anything else, my apologies)

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    Re: Figuring out my plans (HELP please)

    What I would do is enlist as 11b, then after two years of college, contract with ROTC, then in two more years become an officer. Or just enroll in ROTC while in college.


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      Re: Figuring out my plans (HELP please)

      "Activating" when your contract is up as 11b? Getting retrained isn't easy, even if wanting to go Infantry.After your contract is up you'll be considered prior service and the active duty Army has been over-strengthed on Infantry for a while to even consider retraining a PS soldier(even though years from now things can be different). Chaplain's idea is more realistic.