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  • Deployment Questions

    If I join the National Guard what is the chance of me being deployed from the Illinois National Guard? (Percentage Maybe?)

    Second, Can my going to college affect whether or not I get deployed. What I mean do they consider the fact that your in school before they choose to deploy you. I'm not afraid of being deployed, I just want to know how much of risk and how often am I'm going to be derailed from my education track.

    For those who have deployed, what was it like? Thanks!

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    Re: Deployment Questions

    You can expect to deploy at least once in a 6 year enlistment. The chances are pretty good that you will deploy within those 6 years as the Army's goal is for a unit to deploy every 5 years. This doesn't always happen though, as some units deploy more frequently due to demand of their particular skill set. Such as Aviation, EOD, SF etc. I think putting a percentage on it is meaningless but here you go: 80% within 6 years.

    The Army does not care if you are in school or not when it comes to deployment. You sign the dotted line and pledge a commitment to the nation. Besides, if you end up deploying in the middle of a semester you can get your money back for your classes due to mandatory deployment.