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Quick question on regulation

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  • Quick question on regulation

    Im a split option and was sent home from basic due to an injury and theres a possibility I will be getting a discharge because Ive recently developed anxiety and migraines. Anyways, since I havent completed any official training yet, would it be possible to wear any piercings? Nothing too "out there" but Ive been wanting to put the one back in my ear. I know with active duty men cant wear anything like that even outside of uniform but is it the same way with guard? More specifically a recruit with no training under his belt?

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    Re: Quick question on regulation

    I don't think that's a problem. Tons of active duty soldiers rock piercings and all sorts of that stuff outside of duty. If you can live with the fact that you're a grown man wearing earrings, go for it, I say.

    If you're going to see someone Guard or Army related, I wouldn't rock the sparkle action. I don't think anyone will see you in civvies and say "that guys in the Guard! Get him!" I'd avoid the "Ask me about the Guard" shirt too


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      Re: Quick question on regulation

      Ironically, I have anxieties towards piercings? What are yours?


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        Re: Quick question on regulation

        As long as you are not on an Army installation or anywhere under Army control...then it is permitted in civilian clothing. The only exception is females wearing earrings with their Class A or Dress Mess uniforms.

        Please see AR 670-1, para 1-14, section (c)

        ''....."When on an Army installation or other places under Army control, soldiers may not attach, affix, or display objects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation to or through the skin while in uniform, in civilian clothes, while on duty, or in civilian clothes off duty (this includes earrings for male soldiers).....''

        You also CAN get tiny, clear plastic earring posts, that are not visible, just to keep your hole from closing up. I had one for my naval piercing.....(although I still wouldn't wear them in uniform, lest you receive an on the spot inspection).