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Medical records question

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  • Medical records question

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently getting some medical records together for my recruiter before I head to MEPS in the next couple weeks.

    I have a few concerns

    I have had two concussions in the past, both over 5, years ago. Through my time of recovery I was seen by a neurologist, diagnosed with "possible post concussion syndrome" really don't know if that means they were playing it safe or not.

    My neurologist sent me to a neuropsychologist who ran testing on me such as IQ and cognitive functions right before saying I was clear of all issues.

    I have the whole write up from the Neuropsychologist stating my two concussions and concluding I am cured with some minor problems in math (could or could not be from my concussions) also states that I am above average in my "IQ" still yadayada medical mumbojumbo.

    On top of that 3 years ago I had a peridcarditis from a really bad strep infection which had spread to my heart, I also have a paper clearing me from that by a cardiologist too.

    On the list of disqualifications both state if it's been two years with no symptoms then i wouldn't be disqualified. Would bringing these papers speed up or slow down my process of joining the guard? I've seen all over the place that people lie, which I don't want to, I've also seen that bringing medical papers could also "open up a can of worms"

    Any input would be amazing