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Joining the NG and getting 12M Firefighter MOS

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  • Joining the NG and getting 12M Firefighter MOS


    I just recently graduated a fire academy with several certs in CA and also have my EMT-B. I still want to be a civilian firefighter but I also want to further this career in the National Guard.

    1) Will any of my previous training and certs help me obtain the 12M mos? Is it possible to get this in writing with the recruiter to at least strive for a guarantee?

    2) This is related to a different branch of the military but I am also comparing the FF program the Army NG offers vs. the Air National Guard. Is there any info or advice anyone has on this subject? I am aware that a lot of bases contract that out to civilian firefighters but that some airbases still use Air Force firefighters.

    3) How difficult is it to reclass to a different MOS several years into your service? I am willing to go a different MOS path with the knowledge that I can one day reclass to 12M. But I have also been told that the MOS you want can be guaranteed granted you do good in the asvab and evaluations and that if they still can't offer it, then to just walk away and try again elsewhere.

    4) Can an officer become a firefighter?

    5) Is it true that I can get airborne training guaranteed before I sign papers?

    thank you

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    Re: Joining the NG and getting 12M Firefighter MOS

    Have you checked to see if they're in your state? If you look up in the forums on this MOS, I think you'll find it is an EXTREMELY small only a handful of states. (If memory serves me right.)


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      Re: Joining the NG and getting 12M Firefighter MOS

      I found this on a forum from 2009:
      The unit is called the 233rd Eng. Det. out of Roseville, CA. PM for POC, I am in the unit.

      Roseville is 30 minutes away from where I live. Maybe something I can bring up in the recruitment process?


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        Re: Joining the NG and getting 12M Firefighter MOS

        Pretty sure you will still have to go to AIT for 12M even if you are a certified firefighter as a civilain. Can you switch your MOS later down the road? Absolutely provided thier is nothing in your contract that restricts you. The challenging part here is finding a slot for that MOS that you want then convincing the state that they should spend more money to train you in a different MOS. It's really not that hard, I've done it as have thousands of other soldiers. Can an officer become a firefighter? Not sure about that one. The fire chief for the firefighters that are attached to us is an E-6. That also tells me that that MOS is kind of a dead end.

        As for airborne school good luck with that one. It's challenging to get a state to send infantry soldiers to airborne as funds are limited and it is really a rather useless school if you are not in an airborne unit. Most people that get airborne as part of their initial contract are infantry and are active duty. The guard is rather tricky. Typically you have to be assigned to an airborne unit to get it written in your contract. Some states can and have offered it as an enlistment or a re-enlistment tool in the past but with money being so tight it's not very likely but could be possible.