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full time jobs in the guard

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  • full time jobs in the guard

    ok so im wondering how hard if thats the word for it is it to get a full time job in the guard and what about guard position's in other country's i would love to adventure to another chunk of the world for a job. and if i do the patriot academy would that lower my chances of getting what i ask for even with a 99 on the asvab?

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    Re: full time jobs in the guard

    Look at this thread:


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      Re: full time jobs in the guard

      AGR jobs and ADOS jobs that are full time postions that get funded every year can be hard to come by in your state. Most AGR jobs are admin positions, so if you don't have an admin MOS it could be more difficult to land a job. However thats not always the case, I'm a 12B and my full time ADOS job is administrative. In many cases the "full time" people that you run into are actually on federal technician status. Meaning they wear the uniform and have to adhear to all the rules and regulations just as you would on active duty but thier pay is not based on thier rank. It's based on the federal wage grade system. The time they stay in that job does not go towards their military retirement either. It goes towards a federal retirement plan.

      If you are wondering what is available in your state then go to Google, type in AGR jobs in (insert state) and there should be a state website where they post all the anouncements. Next to the anouncements it will specify that its only open to member of the NG from within that state but other times it could be open to all members of the NG.


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        Re: full time jobs in the guard

        AGR you pretty much have to be an E-5 or above.

        Technicians for certain positions are E-1 and above. Technician positions that I have seen hard for the Guard to fill are human resource assistants or Surface maintenance repairer or mechanic positions that are available to lower grade soldiers on a full time basis. IT is another one too. But check your state so you can plan for a competitive MOS. Lists full time Guard vacancy annoucements by state.

        Also like the Sergeant said. There are ADOS tours. There are federal and State ADOS tours based on your MOS and rank ranging from 1 to 3 years for tour length.
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