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Branch Detail in the Guard

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  • Branch Detail in the Guard

    I was curious. Does the national guard have the officer branch detail program where you go and spend a few years in another branch, like infantry for example, and then go to your dedicated career branch afterwards? I've heard of this for the active component and I was curious if it existed in the guard as well.

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks for your attention.

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    Re: Branch Detail in the Guard

    Because of the nature of the ARNG's personnel model, we do not have a formalized branch detail program as such. The individual officer effectively makes his own self-directed branch detail. Talk to your OSM, and discuss a possible career path. While the combat arms branches look like pyramids (many lieutenants, fewer captains, fewer majors, ...), some branches (e.g., Logistics) look like cylinders (numbers don't taper off nearly as fast), and some (e.g., MI) even look like diamonds (actually needing more captains than lieutenants). The force structure of each State will vary, so the generic examples I provided may not precisely match the reality that you face. That's why a discussion with your OSM will improve the quality of your life.