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Split Training Option sort of confused me..

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  • Split Training Option sort of confused me..

    My recruiter said I should go with the STO so that I can do Basic Training this summer. Be back for Fall and Spring Semester for college. Then AITs next summer. I like the sound of this.. but I was wondering.. does this first year before AIT count as my 1st of 3 years service?

    Also, since I'm doing a 3 year service.. and the guard will be paying for my college tuition, does this mean I have to go over seas after my AITs? Because.. I'm trying to do 2 years of college, then a transfer to a 4 year univ. Does this mean.. that after AITs will I not be able to continue college until I get back from deployment? Or will they only deploy me after college or during summers?

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    Re: Split Training Option sort of confused me..

    Yes, from the day you join, it all counts toward you contract. You will deploy if your unit is deploying and requires you to go, or you volunteer to deploy with a different unit. It's not a guarantee that you will deploy right after AIT, but a possibility. However, deployment is a year or so, not just a summer thing.