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  • PT Requirements....

    Anyone know the required PT running times for various Age groups?

    I thought it was 2miles in 13min for everyone but i was wrong & was told it is calculated by age. Does this apply for the first assessment at BCT as well?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: PT Requirements....

    Here you go,
    APFT Standards

    I wouldn't worry to much about the initial assessment, the one you want to focus on and work towards, in my opinion, is the final test. Which is around the 9th week of training.

    Hope that helps and Keep in touch


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      Re: PT Requirements....

      Initial BCT test standards appear to be lower and is to see if you need the "special attention" platoon. Final passing for my age is 13 but entry says 3. But like Specialist Flores said aim for your final because they decide if a pushup is acceptable and if you show up and can barely eck out 4...well you get it.


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        Re: PT Requirements....

        Burns - There are different standards for entry and the different phases during IET, but you're right that it's best to just aim for the standard and better. It'll make things much easier for you if you're able to pass your APFT right of the bat, rather than struggling to do so along the way.


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          Re: PT Requirements....

          In 2min i can do about 40 push ups and 30-40 sit ups if i push myself but the run is killing me! Right now i'm doing a mile in 9min 30sec and that was my Best time thus far. Im 33yrs old. I just hope i can pull this off. Because running is by far NOT one of my strong points!