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SMP/ROTC Questions

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  • SMP/ROTC Questions

    Hello I have some questions regarding ROTC/SMP. Im interested in joining ROTC, specificlly the SMP program, but Im not sure if I understand it properly. My goal is to serve as a Physician Assistant in either the Guard/Reserves after I graduate. Please tell me if I understand the process correctly, Thanks. So, right now I go to Community College and I have 30 credits. My plan is to join the guard, and attend OSUT this summer (31b or 68w), when I get back I would then transfer to a University that has ROTC and the Physician Assistant Bachelors degree program. When I return from OSUT I would begin drilling with my unit, while taking classes then I would contract ROTC and SMP? After doing that I would receive some GI Bill/ROTC stipends every month? After graduating I will then be a 2nd LT in the Guard/Reserves? So are there any other requirements to join ROTC? Or is it the same enlistment requirements to join the national guard? In other words if I qualify for enlistment into the guard is that good enough for ROTC? As of now my GPA is 2.0, what does it need to be in order to receive a scholorship? Thank You and sorry for the long post. Thanks!

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    Re: SMP/ROTC Questions

    You can't serve as a PA in the Guard until you're a qualified civilian PA.

    You've got quite a bit going on in your post, and some of your questions overlap and contradict each other. Tell us where you are right now in life, and where you want to go, and we can give you some options of how to bridge the gap.