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  • feedback please.

    the significant man in my life is active. It has been a rough road as we had just reconnected after many years(we are in our 50"s)and were working our way through that when he went to Iraq. There has been much silence but he does stay in touch but it is erratic. He called Christmas day to tell me he was going to have some leave in January, wasnt sure when or for how long. Another added issue is that we live in different states. I havent heard anything since. I am very comitted to this person. message him pretty much daily, hate to write as I feel that I get to whiney and that is not what he needs from me. Sometimes I feel like he wants me to walk away and yet he maintains contact. Statements from him like "it is too hard to come home and leave again" "why do you wait for me?"
    I just feel like I am in a hold pattern. When I asked him if he wanted me to walk away...the answer was no. I am not sure what else I can do or say, any feedback.

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    Re: feedback please.

    I dont have an answer for you other than to wish you courage and patience. It is a long hard road.


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      Re: feedback please.

      As an old fogey, sometimes the same problems occur as when we were in our twenties but this time, you should be more mentally apt to deal with the circumstances.

      Hunter, its simply up to you. You can wait for him or you can move on or simply be that supportive friend and see where fate takes you. Be grateful that you reconnected and someone from the old days is still around.

      Take care sister.


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        Re: feedback please.

        Also from another old fogey...Relax and enjoy the conversations. In the mean time; Stay friendly and your keep options OPEN! Get out and enjoy life and if you cross paths again??? Curl his toes!!!


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          Re: feedback please.

          Originally posted by 7011USMC View Post
          Curl his toes!!!
          Devil dogs are always known for their wisdom