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Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

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  • Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

    Okay, I finished BCT and AIT. I got back a month ago so I have been crunched for time in filling out my paperwork for college.

    I filled out my EAP with my RSP sergeant a few days after I got back. He said he was going to take it and get my commander's signature and send it off since he needed to go there anyway.

    I am filling out my FTA stuff in the meantime. I need my commander's signature on a paper for that as well. I called my training NCO at my new unit, and told him this. He said to email it and he would get the signature and send it back. I did this yesterday.

    In the meantime, my college is calling me and telling me that I can not begin classes in January if my balance is not paid by January 3rd. I owe over 3,000, which should mostly be covered by my NG benefits. They said I can begin if I have documentation expressing how much I will be receiving. So I call the the state office asking about how my EAP is coming, and they haven't even received my application!!!!!!

    What do I do? I don't know whether to call my RSP sergeant, or my new training NCO. I also don't want to come off the wrong way if I call and ask if he can "hurry up" for lack of better vocabulary. I am just getting stressed about whether or not I can go to college in the spring. Please help with advice!

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    Re: Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

    Did you apply for your Tuition Assistance through


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      Re: Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

      Sign up on, go through the 5 minute briefing, print out the Statement of understanding get it signed by your commander, scan it, upload it, type in your college, state your intentions (Associates, BA/BS, PhD?, XYZ), click submit request. Its all computerized, and other than the signature by your commander, its all on you.


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        Re: Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

        I have done everything that I am supposed to do. I finally got the signature I needed for the FTA online stuff. I submitted that almost two weeks ago. Does anyone have any idea how much longer it will take to be approved??

        Also, EAP is making me want to pull my hair out. I have done my part. I am waiting for the unit to complete and send it. I have called the state office in charge of the application almost every week asking if they have received it yet, after TWO MONTHS, they still haven't received it.

        I have called my unit a few times, asking where it is, but they constantly tell me it is being sent out. Meanwhile, the state people tell me that the deadlines for this year is January 15th. I called my unit again and told them this, only to hear that it will be sent out soon.

        I am getting so frustrated. The college is sending me bills, while my family and I struggle trying to figure out how to buy my books since I can't use the money I am supposed to be getting back. I have never had problems with paper work before, but this is verging on ridiculous. No body else seems to be having this problem, and I am worried about constantly calling my unit because I don't want to come off as rude, but I am really worried! Any ideas?


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          Re: Long story about FTA and EAP... need advice

          Unfortunately the reg's for FTA have changed.

          Universities are now required to sign a Memorandum of Undestanding with the in Colorrado, not one major university has signed it (they had until today). So, that FTA.