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What kind of higher education outside of college tuition does the Army offer?

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  • What kind of higher education outside of college tuition does the Army offer?

    Can you take classes to get more specific training for your job as a Soldier?

    Like if you're a Plumber in the Guard, will they send you to Plumbing Classes for continuing education? Or is that all on your own time?

    Or if you're like any job in the Army, does the Army or the Guard offer more in-depth training to learn more about your role in the Army and the job for your unit?

    How does it work to go to those schools?

    I don't really care about Airborne School, Air Assault, Ranger School, Sniper School, all that stuff is job immaterial from what I've been reading and finding via my reasearch. Sapper School I'd love to do because it's supposed to teach me how to lead to Engineers better. And Reconnaissance Survailence Leaders Course would be awesome if I were in a Engineer Reconnaissance Platoon, but other than those two, I don't really care about the other schools like those.

    What I really care about most is being able to learn more about my job or future job.

    Civilian side I'll be getting more education, because hopefully after my roughly year long Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship course, I'll be in an Apprenticeship, on my way to becoming a Journeyman. I would love to be able to apply the knowledge and experience to my Army Career as well, but on the flip side, I'd like to be able to learn skills I can use in my civilian occupation as well, or enhance my level of knowledge.

    So does the Army offer Engineer classes to learn more about their job or career field?

    Or can a Army Engineer take like Mechanic Classes, and Equipment Operator Classes, or classes outside of their Engineer job?

    LIke if I did Plumbing, could I take Army Electrical and Surveying Classes with them? Or take classes for fixing Army vehicles and equipment to be a multiplier for my Employer or Unit Boss guy? (I don't know if it is a Lieutenant Colonel or a Captain, because looking up the 176th Engineers, it says it's a battalion, but they only have 96 people according to a website I came across, but Battalions are supposed to be way bigger than that?)

    The thing with me, is when I take a job, I like to learn everything I possibly can about it, and about the jobs of everyone around me, so if they don't show up because they are sick or whatever I can pull my own weight, and cover where they left off, and establish greater employment security.

    So any info as to how military education goes, and the classes open for Vertical Engineers in a Vertical Engineer Company or Battalion would be really awesome.

    I dont' care if I get stuck as a Private to Retirement, I just want to learn more about the job and be able to feel like I've actually done something when the day is over, and feel like I actually learned stuff I can apply, or taught people how to do better jobs or work they didn't know how to do.

    as long as I can apply myself and learn more of how to do so is the biggest motivator for me.