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  • Rep-63 + slrp

    Good morning. I have a question regarding the REP-63 contract and SLRP incentive. I've done some searching, but it doesn't appear that there is anything like an MOS list followed by accompanying incentives available. I apologize and would normally continue to lurk and search.

    But, I made it through MEPS and was all set for a REP-63 contract, until I learned that the SLRP wasn't being offered in my state along with this contract due to the high wash-out rate of 18X-rays. I was then offered an 09S, for which I'm eligible, which comes with the incentive, and was told I could just go SF later on. I said I'd sleep on it.

    So this is news to me. Any thoughts on whether..
    • I'm simply being BS'd?
    • the SLRP is offered in other states?
    • it's possible to conditionally work it into the contract despite their claims that it's not being offered

    Personally it would make sense to me that give it to those who make it through the training. If it were strictly about the money I'd have chosen another route from the beginning, but the SLRP is very important considering my financial situation. Right now I'm just trying to make an informed decision, as I will return in the near future to sign up.

    Thank you all for any help and insight.

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    Re: Rep-63 + slrp

    SLRP availability is based on the needs of each state. It is entirely possible that your state is truly not offering it, especially for REP 63.

    What state are you going through the enlistment process with and are you working with a SF recruiter?