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Student loans in default

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  • Student loans in default

    I am currently in default of my student loans, and as much as i would like to take part of the SLRP program i cannot, however if I can get them up to date and paid can I sign up in the future or is it an offer only made at my contract signing date. I am set to go to MEPS one last time and then get sent to an MOS school. If I do decide to sign the dotted line I can only hope that we have a wave of natural disasters to take care of, then we can all earn our pay. And I can get rid of these student loans.

    Semper Fi

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    Re: Student loans in default

    Have you contacted your student loan company to ask for a forebearance or deferment? They will work with you if you are having financial issues or don't make enough money, etc.
    Also, please don't hope for a wave of natural disasters - if you had ever lived through one you wouldn't have even said that. As far as earning our pay - I think anyone in the military - reserve, guard, full time - will tell you they MORE then earn their pay.
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      Re: Student loans in default

      SLRP is a benefit you can extend for at any time. You'd just need to extend for another 6 years from the time you want to start the SLRP.


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        Re: Student loans in default

        to robinpugs06 I spent a few years in the marine corps, and then did a lot of mortgage work, PR, work along with a lot of heavy construction and some art and design stuff. So I figured I would lend a little dignity to the National Guard and grace said organization with my presence. I personally enjoy it when all smurf breaks loose and I can pit my wits and self reliance to a challenge, and i love money.

        to RSP NCO Thank you very much Staff Sargeant, that was all I wanted to know, my current recruiter is good but he isnt to savvy on some of my student loans questions but hes a pretty busy guy not only is he retiring soon but in this current economy he has had a extremely large volume of applicants he has not seen in the past.
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          Re: Student loans in default

          Originally posted by shanegrila View Post
          I am set to go to MEPS one last time and then get sent to an MOS school.
          I think those were the key words Robin.