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  • ROTC & Deployability

    I had some questions pertaining to ROTC and the non-deployable status that is granted to Cadets. If anyone has been in this boat or knows of what I can do please let me know:

    I am just coming off of my first semester of ROTC as an MS-I Cadet. My unit is scheduled for mobilization/deployment either late this year or early next year (I'm not sure exactly what timeframe, they haven't told us yet).

    I have, in my possession, a copy of a memorandum from a Lieutenant General R. L. Van Antwerp of the U.S. Army Accessions Command at Ft. Monroe to a Major General Alan W. Thraser of U.S. Army Cadet Command given to me by my recruiter stating and I quote:

    "In an effort to protect our investment in the future of our officer corps, I have previously directed that all contracted ROTC cadets serving in USAR or ARNG units be considered non-deployable. At your request, as non-scholarship cadets may not contract until their second year, I am also directing that all first year non-contracted ROTC cadets serving in USAR or ARNG units who have successfully completed their first semester, and remain enrolled in the ROTC program, be considered non-deployable. Second, third and fourth year cadets must be contracted in order to be considered non-deployable. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case by case basis when extenuating citcumstances prevent a cadet from contracting prior to his unit's mobilization."

    As I said I have been in ROTC for one semester. However, since I am prior-service and can technically go straight into the Advanced Course (MS-III and MS-IV year(s)) I have elected next semester to skip my remaining semester as an MS-I and go straight into the MS-II course.

    However, therein lies my problem. I have decided to wait to contract until I receive the second-half of my enlistment bonus which I will receive after 36 months of my enlistment is completed (This December). But, I have been told that the ARNG may recoup my bonus if I do not wait ONE YEAR after receipt of my bonus to contract. So this puts me contracting in December of 2012. My unit will be deployed by then and I do not know if this memorandum will be accepted by them because, although I am still technically a first-year cadet, I will be enrolled in the MS-II course. I don't know if this memorandum is even still in effect and if my recruiter just gave it to me to ease my worries and shut me up.

    I'm not trying to get out of a deployment, but I want to finish school first before I deploy. I'm not sure if I have college first or not. There are parts of my contract that say I do and others that don't have the college first option at all. The ROTC Cadre keeps sending me to my unit, and my unit Cadre doesn't seem to know which way is up or down in regards to this issue. What are your opinions on what I should do? Should I just forget the bonus and contract now in order to remain in school and ROTC? Or will this memorandum apply to me? Thanks.

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    Re: ROTC & Deployability

    I believe that the 365 day wait after the second bonus payment was rescinded last year. I was working for a ROTC BN at the time, but my memory may be fuzzy. Don't accept your unit's word on Cadet Command policy. Ask either your ROO or one of the records techs in the ROTC office. They will be your best source of info. Then take that to your unit.


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      Re: ROTC & Deployability

      Cadet command's policy will not affect what your National Guard unit does. If you are not a contracted cadet then you are still deployable in the guards eyes. Looks like you need to just decide whether or not you want to roll the dice on waiting to get the second half of the bonus and risk getting deployed, or just go ahead and contract and lock in your non deployable status.


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        Re: ROTC & Deployability

        Thanks. Most likely I'm going to contract this December after the Fall Semester. I have to wait that long anyways to get up to 30 hours before I can even contract. And after contracting I'll at least have a stipend and I'll be doing the SMP.