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Army Engineer Regiment-Secondary Career in the Army National Guard

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  • Army Engineer Regiment-Secondary Career in the Army National Guard

    Hello Chaps, I am a student in a pre-apprenticeship program, currently undergoing training in Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC, and was told this was the place to go to ask questions from a couple classmates of mine.

    In the program we do modules that last several weeks (for a total of approx 4 months without work based learning, 6 months with workbased learning) and cover everything from setting the foundation of a building to framing and assembling the walls to the roof, to installing the siding, to installing plumbing systems and fixtures and DWV systems to installing electrical recepticals, light fixtures, air ducts, water heaters, furnaces, etc. And then we branch out into one of the four main programs.

    Carpentry, (12 month program)
    Cement Masonry (12 month program)
    Electrical (12 month program)
    Plumbing (9.5 to 12 month progra)
    Overhead LIneman (12 month program)
    Welding (12 month program)
    HVAC (12 month program)

    I will be branched out into Plumbing (hopefully) after completion of my Construction Basics (Facilities Maintenance) Course, where I will learn more of the UPC, and even greater in-depth training in Plumbing systems to include water, oil, and gas systems. And full commercial plumbing systems as well as sewage and water source systems, and fuel systems to install, service, and maintain them. (including Utilities)

    So with that background in mind, I was looking at a Job Add for a Plumber
    After 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you will learn fundamental Soldiering skills, you will attend approximately five weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) where you'll learn what you need to get started as an Army National Guard Plumber.
    And I couldn't help noticing that it says a Army Plumber goes through 5 weeks of training, and going through approx 5 weeks of training myself in commercial plumbing and plumbing basics, I can't imagine an Army Plumber having much of a scope of knowledge in his/her profession, so do Army Plumbers get to take additional training in Plumbing?

    Also, what are all the jobs and duties a Plumber int he Army can do? What is the mission of a Vertical Construction Company, and also looking at job adds and researching Army Plumbers, do they ever actually get to do their jobs? Like if I had my Washington State Plumbing License, would I be able to do the work to the full extent of my License under the UPC conformities? Or would I be restricted in the duties I can do?

    If I also obtain my Electrical License, would I be able to do Electrical Work within a Vertical Engineer unit alongside my Plumbing Training? Or could I get Army Electrician as a second job? How does it work?

    I'm told that after a Plumber reaches Sergeant, he becomes a Army Supervisor, so does that mean I'll no longer get to do Plumbing work?

    Thank you for all answers!

    I want to work int he Construction and Maintenance Industry in my Civilian Career, and want to be able to apply my skills in a Military Career as well.

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    Re: Army Engineer Regiment-Secondary Career in the Army National Guard

    Do not make multiple threads please.


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      Re: Army Engineer Regiment-Secondary Career in the Army National Guard

      Originally posted by SteveLord View Post
      Do not make multiple threads please.
      Multiple threads?

      I just made this one thread about it, and then another thread about Warrant Officer in the appropriate section.

      Just clarifying, was that the wrong decision on my end? I don't mean to clutter your forum site, I apologize if that was the incorrect move.