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  • Military career

    I'm 28 years old married with children and making about 45,000/yr. I'm still undecided if the military is best way to go to help me with paying my remaining federal student loan balance and hoping to continue my study to get at least BA degree. I have associate degree in computer science and I heard if you have 60 college credit I can be an E3 rank which is pay a little more compare to E1. I'm interested in joining the army national guard so this way I can still keep my civilian job to support my family and study while I serve in the army. I think 45,000/yr is decent income maybe for single person, but with 2 children definitely not enough income specially living in NJ - NY area.I just want to make sure that I'm making the right decision. Any advise or suggestion is greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Military career

    Some ways to save money once you enlist...

    -Can I assume you're paying out the nose for health insurance? You can get on TriCare Reserve Select once you enlist. It is $197.76 a month for family coverage.

    -You can also get anywhere from a 10-20% discount from your cellphone provider, once enlisted.

    -Hook up with USAA...there's a chance you'll get a much better auto insurance rate than what you have now.

    (Do you work in IT and if so, for how long? There are lots of opportunities for your line of work in the tri-state well as government work. Finish your BA, and you've greatly increased your marketability for a government job. PM me sometime if you want some more info on that.)
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      Re: Military career

      Since you have 60 credits why not go officer? The pay is better and from what I know the state is lacking on signal officers. If your lucky enough to get an AGR gig you will be making at a lot more then 45g per year. I'll tell you this. Better make the choice soon because the older you get the harder it is to PT. The body just starts to break down and there is not much you can do about it. You're young enough to do 20 active if that's something you might consider. Look over the pay scales for active duty O1. But if you think that might be too much, what I can tell you from someone who is in the IT field, in the NJ guard. It was the best thing I ever did with my life. Another thing to look into but I'm not sure if they still do it. There used to be programs where as if you signed up for a certain amount of time, the military would pay off your student loan. Also depending on the MOS you might be able to get a bonus. There is an AGR WO2 slot open right now in the 50TH IBCT that I honestly don't see anyone filling anytime soon as the MOS required is Signal and we only have 3 MOSQ warrants in the state. One is a CW3 going for his 4 and he can't take that gig even if he wanted. The other two WO's are in JFHQ, one is MOSQ and the other is away at school as we speak. She is not going to take that gig as she is currently a GS employee for JFHQ and would not give up the money from that gig. So long story short you might be able, with the 60 credits get into a WO program pretty quick. I think this job is going to be open for a long time. They want me to take it but I too am a GS employee and have too much time invested to leave now.