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Cashing out leave days

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  • Cashing out leave days

    Hi all,

    Long story short, I did some Hometown Recruiting over Christmas Exodus last year, and along with some other leave that I was owed, it's finally showed up on my latest LES statement.

    I was just wondering how I can go about "cashing out" these leave days? It'll be going straight back into the Army's pockets, because I currently have an unpaid debt with them which resulted from the leave not being credited to me initially. However, if I can get the debt cleared it'll mean I'll actually start getting some money from drill rather than having a large portion going to paying off the debt each month.


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    Re: Cashing out leave days

    Leave is an interesting and complicated animal. I'm on ADOS orders and my job is to manage the entire leave program for 600 soldiers and airmen. In order to cash out leave, the people who put you on orders have to submit a DA 481 on your behalf to your states USPFO(MilPay). Depending on thier work load(its the end of the fiscal year so right now its big) it could take awhile.

    This is assuming it was your state that paid to put you on orders for Hometown Recruiting. If it was then you can bring this up to your chain of command to have your unit admin NCO talk to the retention and recruiting command(most likely to have put you on orders) to get them to submit the DA 481.

    If the Active Army was the one who paid for you to do Hometown Recruiting then you will just have to wait until the system catches up and automatically cashes you out, in about a years time from when you came off orders.

    Either way, it wont get to you fast enough to ease that debt payment you are dealing with.

    Good news is the leave days are finally posting on your LES, which means the system now recognized you accrued leave. Have you recieved a blank LES recently?


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      Re: Cashing out leave days

      Thanks! The 13 days are listed under "Cr Bal" and "Use/Lose". I'm currently in the middle of an IST from CO to PA (I'm officially sworn into PA and have a unit, but I won't physically be in-state until late September, or drill them them until October), so once I get out there I'll contact the admin NCO for the unit and see about getting it started. I just wanted to check that I wouldn't lose the leave days with the end of the fiscal year coming up?


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        Re: Cashing out leave days

        Also, in reply to your question, I did receive a blank LES earlier in the month.


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          Re: Cashing out leave days

          You wont lose the days. Eventually they get cashed out on thier own if nobody touches it, it just takes FOREVER.

          The blank LES is a good sign. Basically it means the system has recognized that you came off long term orders and have leave to cash out. Keep an eye in My Pay. When the check finally does get to you it should state leave sell back/cash out on the LES.