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  • Benefits

    My son is in Army National Guard ROTC. He will start his senior year in August. I have been laid off and haven't been able to find a job yet so no medical for him. My question is Tri Care, is this what he needs to sign up? Does he have to pay for it at this time of his training? Does this cover Medical, Vision, (contacts), and dental? If not the last 2 who is a good one for his age?
    Another question, is when he signed up and commited for eight years, no one said anything about his previous student loans for 3 semesters outstanding. Doesn't the National Guard pick that up? Should my son have said something to the recruiter? Is it too late? Or does he wait until he has graduated? Please help this Mom.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Benefits


    Is your son a member of the SMP? Also, read this thread and links for further information.

    I asked because I do not believe a person who is simply in the ROTC program is eligible for Tricare Reserve Select. A guardsman that is probably in the program can better offer advice on the matter.

    Also, I believe that after MSIII; what he signed in the contract will determine if he eligibile for loan repayment but again, a ROTC individual can better provide information on that.

    Also, look into the OBAMA care programs for assistance.
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      Re: Benefits

      Thank you for the information. Yes he is a member of the SMP.