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  • Deers .. Help!

    I have officially been enlisted. Picked up my ID card last week and first drill at the end of the month. Now i have a question and need clarification DEERS. I gave my recruiter copies of all of my documents. Marriage license,My childs BC,My wifes BC etc...

    Now as far as DEERS and making sure i receive the proper BAH and Spousal Allowance, Tricare for my family etc... When does all of this take place?

    I have scheduled an appointment for my wife and i to go get her an ID card but im still unclear as what to do about the DEERS enlistment. I asked my recruiter and he said i shouldn't have to bring all of those documents to BCT when i ship out in Aug. and that all those docs should already be in my file. Am i supposed to wait until i ship to have these things taken care of or should that happen now? Also my wife & i are expecting another baby end of june how can i add the new baby to my list of dependents etc?

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    Re: Deers .. Help!

    I made sure I had deers taken care of before I left for training, one less thing to worry about. When you get your wife her ID speak with someone about where the deers office is. Something I have learned in my career is take every single piece of paper that may be relevant to your situation, better to have more than yyou need then not have the one you do need.

    As far as your little one he/she will covered for something like the first thirty days after birth. After that your wife or yourself will have to go back to the deers office and enroll them.