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Tricare, DEERS, myPay???

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  • Tricare, DEERS, myPay???

    I'm so confused on what I should be doing as far as health insurance, pay etc. What do I qualify for as far as health insurance if I've just enlisted a little over a month ago. What forms should I be filling out online? My first drill is this weekend so should I just wait and talk to them this weekend? I'm kind of a "do it yourself" type person and hate asking for help so I thought I'd ask on her where I can remain "faceless" before asking any questions.


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    Re: Tricare, DEERS, myPay???

    google "tricare reserve select", that is the health insurance you can sign up for.


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      Re: Tricare, DEERS, myPay???

      You (or anyone else for that matter) should never have an issue with asking for help, faceless or in person. Asking for assistance is a process of learning, and even if one is only an experiential learner, there is not way that anyone can know everything all the time (well except for the Professor, but that is a different story).

      You are right in that you can always get help either from the Readiness personnel at your unit, or while at your unit during drill. It is great that you are a "DIY" person, but I defer to the previous. Once you know something, receive training on it, or attend a school you will have knowledge that you can use to not only improve yourself, but to help in training others in your unit as well. At your rank level there is a lot of things that you will learn (even at my rank level I am still learning) and once you get the experience in how to get things done in the military, it will be a lot easier to be proactive and initiate things on your own (such as finding and completing paperwork, getting TriCare Reserve Select (TRS), etc).

      Just to add, yesterday (from when this was written) I made a round of calls to various ARNG units across the US to set up contacts/network with a laundry list of questions about Battle Staff operations tasks at the Division level - I have experience with Unit and tactical operations, but zero when it comes to this subject - so I asked others (whom I have never met) for assistance, and I have been getting responses to emails and phone calls from a variety of soldiers at various levels (officer and NCO) who are more than willing to share info and knowledge that I do not have right now. Once I sift through everything I will have a much better base to operate from and get things done on my own.

      You can do what RSP NCO pointed out (which should always be a first course of action) try searching the vast world-wide web and AKO for possible answers and information, then ask experienced soldiers (and do not be shy about doing it in-person, by email or phone, or even in this type of forum). You will need to make sure you have everything in DEERS correct, and then download the application and send it in (make sure you keep several copies of the application) - and if you have any other questions call TriCare and ask for their TRS representative, who (in my experience when I called to get setup) will help you find what you want in order to get what you need.