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Benefits of joining the Guard

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  • Benefits of joining the Guard

    So I dont really feel like I am trying to get someone to "talk me into this", but I guess I am looking for reassurance from someone who has been there.

    I just turned 30 and have a couple of buddies who have been recommending the guard for years. Im honestly considering enlisting, and would definitely want to go 09S. My only apprehension to any of this is this nagging feeling that I dont want to "start over" with something new in my life since I already have a "good thing" going.

    I just received my 10 yr pin as a Fed. LEO, but am stuck now in a position with minimal chance for advancement without moving my wife and kids all over the country. I love what I do and serving my country every day, but feel like I have more to offer. I really think this is it, I just keep feeling like "WHY" would I want to start something new now.

    I would really love to hear from anyone who has "been there, done that" if you come across this post. Thanks so much.

    "Ranger 513"

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    Benefits of joining the Guard

    I have been doing some looking into the benefits of joining the Guard, but my wife and I know there is more out there than what we are seeing on the web. Can anyone fill me in on things they have found to be beneficial to thier family while serving in the Guard? Anything would be appreciated.


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      Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

      -USAA for insurance and finances.

      -Discount with ANY US cellphone carrier

      ***Merged your posts. Before you make this rookie mistake of creating multiple threads on the same subject...across multiple forums. Thanks.
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        Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

        Thanks and sorry. Was just trying to get advice from folks who might be on one thread area vs. the other. Trying to cover my basis. I knew about the cell phone. What is beneficial about the USAAA insurance or finances?


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          Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

          What's with the Specialist rank?

          The benefits are endless, but you get what you put in. You have to make the best of it. Are you looking for specific benefits such as education and the GI Bill? Or are you looking for answers like "It'll make you a well-rounded individual ready to accomplish anything set before you"?


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            Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

            You know I guess anything. I have heard going for 09S I cant get loan repayment, but do get Gi bill. And I already have a BA so the in state ed isnt really a huge perk. I guess I was just looking for anything someone could tell me about their experience that made them say "Man, Im glad I did this".


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              Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

              I wish I would have enlisted right out of high school. I feel like if you even have that little question of, "maybe I should do this" you'll probably regret it if you don't give it a try.

              On the other hand, you have the exact civilian job that I'm considering after I graduate.


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                Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                Originally posted by 11Bang View Post
                What's with the Specialist rank?
                Since he defends wildlife, perhaps the eagle draws his attention and is more subtle than using a colonel rank.

                OP, I know many individuals that serve that have great careers and who serve in law enforcement as well. Some are federal too.

                You probably will have two sides of the token for each similar experience and you have to gauge your personal desires to see if the military is a good fit for you.

                Good luck.


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                  Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                  I know the military was the best career decision I made. Although, being 17 when I enlisted in High School, it was also the first career decision I made. So far the benefits I've seen in joining are this:

                  I'm in excellent physical shape, the best of my life.
                  I've been loaded with experience in leadership and followership that has helped me to start on a higher note in ROTC at my college as well as in school itself
                  I've had a chance to meet some very interesting and honorable people that I admire and find kinship with
                  Being a medic, I get real face-time with patients and I'm in an active role in directly helping them out

                  On the financial side:
                  I got an enlistment bonus of $20,000 (although that's getting to be a pain in getting to me, different story altogether)
                  GI Bill which helps pay for a lot month-month
                  Drill Pay
                  Discounts on insurance, phone plans, etc.
                  Good health care insurance (TriCare)

                  I see where you're coming from in terms of not wanting to ruin a good thing already. But there's also the chance that you'll always have that question in your head of 'what if'. People often say, 'it's never too late to start a second career' unfortunately in the military this isn't true. There IS an age cut-off...


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                    Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                    Originally posted by paleoranger View Post
                    You know I guess anything. I have heard going for 09S I cant get loan repayment, but do get Gi bill. And I already have a BA so the in state ed isnt really a huge perk. ".
                    09S currently does get SLRP, signed my 09S contract today with $50,000 SLRP.


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                      Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                      Was that a state specific thing? I was informed I would not get student loan repay, but could get a bonus based on which branch I choose.


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                        Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                        No, it's not state specific. I actually learned about from these forums a few months ago and informed my recruiter who was also unaware.

                        19 October 2010
                        MEMORANDUM FOR the Recruiting & Retention Force of all States, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands,
                        Guam and the District of Columbia.
                        SUBJECT: OCS Enlistment Option (09S) Updates and SLRP Eligibility
                        1. ARNGGSS
                        is proud to announce the OCS Enlistment Option (09S) updates and SLRP Eligibility for
                        all 54 States and Territories.
                        2. Background.
                        a. The Army National Guard (ARNG) continues to have shortfalls in company grade officers. The
                        FY11 Officer accession mission is 5,500. The ARNG missed the FY10 officer accession mission by
                        nearly 500 officers (5,037 achieved / 5,500 mission). The ARNG must overdrive OCS enrollment to
                        overcome these nearterm
                        b. Previously, the OCS enlistment option (09S) was an underutilized tool because it offered no
                        c. Effective 19 Oct 10, OCS enlistment option (09S) accessions, both NPS and PS are eligible for
                        up to $50,000 in Student Loan Repayment. Please review the attached incentive policy for specifics. In
                        order to qualify for the incentive, the applicant must have at least 90 semester hours and agree to an 8 X
                        0 enlistment contract. (NOTE: this does not change the eligibility criteria for the 09S enlistment option.
                        You may still enlist into the program if you have greater than 60 semester hours, however you would
                        receive no incentive.)
                        d. Please refer to the enclosed ARNGHRH
                        policy letter (#10059)
                        that includes modifications to the
                        OCS enlistment option, specifically pertaining to the 09S criteria as outlined in the ECM.
                        3. Please review both the updated 09S enlistment policy and the 09S SRIP eligibility policy. There is a
                        short information brief attached to help explain the new policy.



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                          Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                          Thanks all. After much soul searching with my wife about how this affects our whole family, I have decided to begin the process. Taking ASVAB in April and probably enlisting in May. Thanks to all of you for your support.



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                            Re: Benefits of joining the Guard

                            Alright! You get to go to basic with the youngin's!

                            Don't forget:
                            Family SGLI
                            Passing GI-Bill to your children
                            Discounted vehicle tags