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QRB and Retirement Question

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  • QRB and Retirement Question

    I currently have 18 years of Guard Service, 14 of which was active/AGR time. I am currently AGR. I was told today that I may likely not pass a QRB, and would be forced to retire in 2 years with 20 years of National Guard service. Since I don't have 20 active duty years, I must wait until I'm 60 to collect my retirement.

    Is there anything i can do to ensure I can finish out my AGR time (or any active duty time) to receive my retirement pension when I have reached 20 years active (in roughly 6 more years)? Or am I screwed? Please help! I need to know my options.

    SFC K

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    Found that link here

    Guess not
    This early retirement benefit will not be extended to Soldiers who:
    a. Were previously separated under Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI), Special Separation Benefit (SSB), or Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) programs.
    b. Are under evaluation for disability retirement under Title 10, Chapter 61.
    c. Are members of the Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserves.
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      This is like asking what you can do the day before an APFT to help your score -- not much. This board judges your performance over your career and your potential for future service. The QRB isn't designed to screw any one individual, but to manage the force as a whole by identifying those Soldiers with 20 years of qualifying service (and are thus eligible for a retirement) who have performed adequately, and return their talents to the civilian workforce. This frees up a higher-graded position for someone with greater potential.

      While you may consider that this system "screws" you, consider that there's an E6 right now who considers himself screwed because there are no E7 vacancies.

      Reference: AR 135-205, Enlisted Personnel Management


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        I recently reached 20 yrs of service but was also promoted, it is my understanding that to retire with my current grade normally I would have to hold it for 3 yrs, now that I have to go through a QRB if they deem me unable to continue would I retire with my current enlisted grade or the one previous, even though it isn't a voluntary retirement?


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          I have heard of traditional National Guard soldiers transferring to the Reserves and beating the QRB. I don't know if you will be able to transfer to an AGR slot, but it could be worth checking into.


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            I am an E-5 in the Mississippi National Guard, this year would have been 20 years of service for for me but I have 2 bad years, so as far as retirement I only have 18 years. Do I need to worry about the board next year or in 2 years? I read somewhere that they don't look at you until you have 20 qualifying years.