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  • SLRP Difficulty

    Hello all,

    I have been enlisted for 6 years in the Ohio Army National Guard. I enlisted as senior in college, so used no educational benefits. The last 4-5 years I have been struggling to get my SLRP payments made. I have done everything requested of me, to include submitting paperwork on time, keeping current on my loans, maintaining military bearing, deployments etc. However I have not yet seen any payments. I am considering notifying my unit that until this issue is resolved I will not be attending drill. Before you respond with any "you signed a contract so you need to uphold your obligations" type comments, consider the fact that this is a legal, contractual obligation, and a two-way street. If you are a civilian worker, at what point when your company isn't paying you do you stop coming to work? I would hate to tarnish my service record, but it has become a matter of principle. I completely understand that this program is subject to various prioritization and funding issues, but after 5 years....there is no excuse. Does anyone have any insight to the system and how to potentially get this issue resolved? Anyone with similar difficulty that has gotten it resolved? I have been calling my readiness NCO and state education office contacts, but I try not to be too persistent, after all I don't think they are 100% the ones responsible. Thanks for any feedback.

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    Have you sent up an IG complaint? 5 years is a long time to wait...


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      I have not, that may be my next step. I agree it is a long time to wait, I've tried to be understanding of the fact that it is a complex system riddled with errors (i.e. any typical government process), but it is absolutely getting ridiculous.


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        I see this post is six months old, but have you had any luck receiving a payment? I'm in a similar boat, I've submitted three 2475's with zero payments posted.
        I have spoken to my unit as well as the SSG, the SSG before him and the civilian before her that works in the education incentives office.
        Each of them have told me that it's out of their hands. NGB is so 'back logged' and 'short staffed' that they're unable to process the number of repayment requests that they've received.
        I then asked the educational rep about submitting an IG complain and was told that they've received numerous IG complaints and each of them end similarily, that they get stonewalled at NGB and nothing is done.
        That's what I've been told...
        Anyhow, I contacted my congressional representative about the issue. I'm waiting for their response.
        A reservist friend of mine has received a couple years worth of payments by entering their information here:

        If that link does not work for you, then google 'Army Webs', and look for the address that I posed above.
        Then click "I am a reserve soldier"
        On the right hand side, click "My Loan Repayment"

        If you're contract is listed, then lucky you. I wouldn't know what to do from there.
        If it's not, like mine isn't, then I'd recommend scanning and submitting your SLRP Addendum to your contract to them.
        That's as far as I've gotten.

        Best of luck.