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  • SLRP

    I'm still terribly confused about the student loan repayment. I graduate in May from grad school and will enlist this January. I have about 40k of Stafford loans, so my recruiter said it is a percentage. Does this mean I still have to pay the loans myself monthly? Or does the guard make the payments for me. If they only pay a percentage a year, than what good is it if I'm still paying out of my own pocket? I'm just confused about the actual repayment and have yet to receive a clear answer.

    I hate reading the long numbered list. Can someone just tell my in layman's terms?

    Also, I got a 119 GT score. If I go OCS do I still get SLRP? Please note I'm not enlisting for the money, but I just want to know how it actually works.

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    I'm going through the SLRP process right now, and let me tell you its a giant PITA. And they have recently changed it in terms of how much they pay out every year, due to people's loans being over paid, etc. Basically, every year on your anniversary date you will need to pull the info on your loans and turn it in to your education office or your unit....this is to verify the amounts you still owe and that you haven't defaulted on anything. Then they will produce more paperwork that you will then need to sign and send in to your lenders, who will then need to sign and return to the education office. Then they make the payment directly to the lender. You will either need to defer your payments or yes, keep paying on them every month so they don't default. So no, in reality the Army will not be paying back 100% of your student loans, but they will be paying back quite a bit, so to me its worth it. Of course I'm still in the process of getting my first payment out of the Army so I haven't actually seen any money yet.

    I will tell you one thing, the Army process is not for the faint of heart. If you don't have patience for paperwork and dealing with 10 different people to get your stuff taken care of, then you will become one of those disgruntled service members who bitch about all the things the Army promised but never produced. You have to stay on top of it if you want to get what you are owed, but it will eventually happen.