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Nevada NG using tuition assist and GI bill?

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  • Nevada NG using tuition assist and GI bill?

    I am currently a full time student and working full time. I was honorably discharged from USMC after my 4 years. I am joining the guard in december after classes end. My recruiter told me that tuition assistance and nevada's tuition waiver will entirely cover the cost of school and that I will be able to keep my post 9/11 Gi bill payments and housing allowance.
    It has been really tough to work and go to school full time and still be dad and husband, so if this is true it would be a life saver to be able to cut down to part time and still do full time school without losing to much a month budget wise.

    anyone have any experience with this?
    not sure if its relevant, ive got dependents, 4 years AD and two deployments

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    Re: Nevada NG using tuition assist and GI bill?

    I took advantage of state tuition assistance when I was in the Connecticut Guard and received a kicker as well. I was a full-time IT tech, full-time student at UCONN and in the Guard at the time. This was from 98-2001.

    I came back on active duty and have done three combat deployments since, added another child, earned the Post 9/11 and passed that on to my children and now finished my master's degree and completed numerous courses when I was in Afghanistan last year.

    So, yes, it is totally feasible to do this.


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      Re: Nevada NG using tuition assist and GI bill?


      I'm in the Nevada National Guard, so I should be able to give you some specific information about the education benefits in our state. I currently go to school full-time and have 60% post 9/11 GI Bill benefits. With the NV tuition waiver and the GI Bill, I end up paying UNR roughly $200 a semester for assorted fees left over after my benefits are applied. I receive the 9/11 housing allowance and all of the other allowances associated with it at my 60% rating.

      You can use the NV tuition waiver at any NV school (UNR, UNLV, WNC, TMCC, CSN, etc.), and will receive 100% of your tuition waived as long as you maintain a 2.0 (C) or better average each semester. If you drop below a C average for a semester you have to repay the school any tuition money that was waived out of your own pocket, but you are able to submit a waiver for tuition again the next semester. You must remain in good standing with your unit, but other than that and the grades, the requirements are very lax and easy to maintain for such a great benefit.

      Send me a message if you have any other questions. I'm not on here a lot, but I'll try to check more often over the next week or so.