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  • SLRP question

    Hello all I am a prior service AF MP about to enlist into the Guard. I was originally going the OCS route but that plan was cut short due to my credit history that was ruined due to unemployment. I still have the desire to serve and realize that I can always go OCS later after I fix my credit. So, my recruiter is telling me that getting a clearance is not going to happen since I have bills in collections, I am ok with that; however, I have some concerns. He says that I am good to enlist into a job not requiring a clearance but all SLRP benefits are tied to jobs requiring a clearance and I'm wondering if there is any truth to this? SLRP is not my only reason for joining but it is a nice benefit and since I have nearly $10k in student loans I would like to receive it if I could. Has anyone here received SLRP enlisting into a job that did not require a clearance? I am really interested in staying with a combat arms mos and am considering 11b at the moment. Has anyone here enlisted 11b and received SLRP? Any info is much appreciated, and I am joining the Florida NG if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: SLRP question

    Your recruiter is going to know the most up-to-date incentives for your state. The basic SLRP eligibility requirements for PS or current NG Soldiers are:
    -Enlist for six years, OR
    -Extend your current contract for a six years.
    -Enlist/be assigned to a unit eligible for deployment (MTOE*, Medical or Special Forces unit).
    -Be Duty Military Occupational Specialty Qualified (DMOSQ) for your position.
    -Not have previously received the SLRP as an enlistment, re-enlistment or extension option in the Selected Reserve.
    You can also contact your Education Services Officer (ESO) for you state to get more details.