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Contract Extension for SLRP

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  • Contract Extension for SLRP

    Hello there-

    I'm referencing post #5 on this thread:

    Currently I'm an E-4 set to ETS in 2016, and I'm doing some strategic planning. My strategic options include OCS, DLI, and staying the career path in my unit. In particular, I'd like to find a way to begin paying student loans that accumulated during the last two years. They total ~ $21,000; not huge, but a significant number. In my original contract, I didn't have SLRP, but now I'm under the impression that I could extend my contract to receive this benefit...? Furthermore, who should I talk to about doing something like this? While I was in Fort Huachuca, the National Guard liaison told me that people regularly extended to receive this benefit, but my PLT Sergeant told me this wasn't the case--that I have to wait until I ETS before considering extending.

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    Re: Contract Extension for SLRP

    you can extend at anytime for SLRP. You just need to talk to your unit retention NCO.


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      Re: Contract Extension for SLRP

      PLT SGT and other PLT Leadership are great for asking for advice regarding unit topics, career advancement, and such. Other then that is is best to contact individuals with direct knowledge; what your PLT SGT told you might have been true when he asked the same question 15 years ago, but the army changes and topics such as contract and benefits are not updated to PLT Leadership and NCO's.

      As stated by HR NCO it is best to speak with your Unit Retention NCO, not because your NCO is incompetent but because that topic is not covered in his job description. That is almost the sole job description of your Unit Retention NCO.

      Good Luck!


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        Re: Contract Extension for SLRP

        I'll have to look into it a bit more but I think on S1 NET they just had something saying that you can no longer do it unless 365 days out. I only had a chance to glance at the last two or three that Jerry Dillard sent out so I may be incorrect but there is something saying extension window got a little smaller.

        Just looked at the last few and I dont see it yet. I'm not in that mode to really be doing it. lol You can extend to do it, just not sure on the window you can do it in. Should be okay 365 or less but i'll have to check at work tomorrow to get exact window.
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          Re: Contract Extension for SLRP

          You will have to wait until you are within 365 days of your ETS to extend for SLRP. If it is offered at that time, you will need to refer to the that FY's policy for the details. As of now, you must have eligible loans (federal, disbursed, not in default) and your payment will be 15% of the disbursed amount or $500 whichever is more, not to exceed $7500 yearly. I would suggest you get your hands on that current year's policy and do your research so you can ask informed questions when the time comes.