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SLRP eligibility other than 09S

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  • SLRP eligibility other than 09S

    I'm in the exploratory phase enlisting and I was told by my recruiter that the only way I would qualify for SLRP was to go 09S. This wasn't my initial route for getting SLRP which is ONE of the driving factors for wanting to join. Before talking to the recruiter I had wanted to enlist and go 12B. I just talked to a buddy who had been enlisted with the guard and has been out of the service as of December 2010. He said that I should ask around and verify that 09S is the only way to qual for SLRP. So essentially Im here to ask if there is any way to get SLRP without going 09S. I'm in PA to clarify because I know it differs from state to state. Thanks for the input!

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    Re: SLRP eligibility other than 09S

    I just enlisted 2 weeks ago as a far as I know the only condition (and I was told this by two different recruiters) to getting SLRP is signing up for 6 years. The MOS has nothing to do with it. Sounds like he is just trying to fill a slot. I'd find another recruiter.

    Stick to your guns...if 12B is what you want and there is an open slot for it in your state then go for it. SLRP is not just for Officer Candidates.

    On a side note if SLRP is important to you be SURE you get it in your contract. I was told by my recruiter that signing up for the 6 year option made it automatic and all I would need to do was bring my promissory notes to reception at BCT and they would process it. When I went to MEPS to actually sign, I found out that it was not automatic, that it still needed to be in my contract and my promissory notes for my loans had to be approved so the actual payback amount and other paperwork was included in my contract! Needless to say I ended up being delayed for several hours while this snag was worked out.

    I hate to say it, but there seem to be more bad recruiters out there than not. Try to find a good one who will work with you for your goal, but no matter what, still be sure to research, research, research and don't stop asking questions about anything! By the time I was done I really felt like I had just recruited myself but the hard work and relentless questioning paid off.