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Ready to join, but my student loan can't be repaid?

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  • Ready to join, but my student loan can't be repaid?

    I've taken a practice ASVAB, got all my questions answered by my recruiter, and even told my family. I'm ready head down to MEPS, but I just found out my Parent PLUS loan will not be covered.

    A Parent PLUS loan is taken out via FAFSA, it's a federal loan, but it's in the parent's name - the student is not a cosigner, just listed as the student on the loan. I am the one making the payments now, despite it being in my mother's name.

    The National Guard SLRP page says it's covered, but my recruiter said the policy recently changed and those aren't covered anymore.

    The Army Reserve said that they do cover Parent PLUS loans, but at the moment they're not offering student loan repayment for officers because they don't need officers. (They suggested green-to-gold)

    I've called the loan company to see if my name could be added and they said no; it's non-transferrable.

    If this loan is not covered, that's $39,000 I'll still owe, and over $300 per month I'll still have to pay, even when I'm deployed (they won't put it on hold since I'm not the signer).

    What should I do? Is there any chance this is covered, and I just need to talk to the right person at the Guard? Do things like this change often enough that I should wait it out?
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    You do not look like a Tim


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      Hah, that came up as the image preview when I pasted the link :P

      Any advice?


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        Speak to the recruiter's supe or call up other recruiters to confirm. I saw this on the GoArmy website.
        Qualifying Loans
        • Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)*
        • Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)
        • Stafford Loans
        • Perkins Loans
        • William D. Ford Loans
        • Consolidated Loans*
        *(Note: Only loans incurred for the soldier’s education will be paid)