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Question on Education Benefits for 2nd Bachelors Degree

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  • Question on Education Benefits for 2nd Bachelors Degree

    Hey Everyone!

    First post on the forums, hopefully more to come.

    My situation:

    I'm considering joining the ARNG in NH, I have a B.A in Political Science / Russian Language.
    The ARNG recruiter in my area told me that qualifided for OCS due to the fact that I already have a degree.

    Obviously one of the benefits for being in the NG is that they offer the TA or Tuition Waiver program (NH covers the whole amount to any state school)
    However, my recruiter told me that because I already have a bachelors degree from the University of New Hampshire that the NG won't pay
    for me to get another bachelors degree in lets say IT or CIS which I would like to do.

    She did say that the NG would pay for a Masters Degree but not a second bachelors? Does that sound right?

    I'm confused because of the fact that the Air National Guard in NH told me I that they would pay for 2nd bachelors no prob.

    I'm concerned only because I often hear the time old tale of how recruiters can be good or bad; honest or dishonest about certain aspects to the service and its

    Does anybody happen to know which of these recruiters are correct? I understand the Air National Guard is different.....but still.

    Thanks and I appreciate all or any feed back.



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    Re: Question on Education Benefits for 2nd Bachelors Degree

    While I know of recruiters that have given bad guidance because of poor knowledge, and some that have outright lied, I know of far more recruits who asked a number of questions, got accurate answers from their recruiter, and then got those answers jumbled in their own heads. This happens particularly when weighing a number of very different and mutually-exclusive scenarios.

    Federal TA will not pay for a second BA. State TA might, that varies widely by State.

    The Air Guard has no Federal TA, they only use State TA. Perhaps NH State TA allows a second BA degree. If so (and I don't know the answer), you'd get that same benefit in the NH Army National Guard as well.

    If you lack confidence in your recruiter, ask respectfully and firmly to speak with his supervisor (NCOIC).


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      Re: Question on Education Benefits for 2nd Bachelors Degree

      Many pursue a masters in IT with a different undergraduate degree.
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        Re: Question on Education Benefits for 2nd Bachelors Degree

        Browser doesn't matter. It has never mattered. Notice the OP is first timer.