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    Re: SLRP

    Originally posted by Bctorres View Post
    Yeh I get that this army NG discussion. Just looking for answers out there so I am not being told the wrong information. There is no air force discussion board out there. You all make it a point of saying that instead of helping someone out. Information online comes from all sources so prospective enlistees are just looking for information from real sources.
    Yes ma'am.

    Air Force General Discussion Forum

    Air Force ROTC forum

    Air Guard and USAF Reserves forum

    Air Force Special Operations forum

    U.S. Air Force forum

    Air Force Times

    ALLMILITARY.COM: Air Force Forum: General Discussion

    Air Force Team Forum

    DEFENCETALK: Air Force & Aviation Forum

    Air Force OTS forum
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      Re: SLRP

      Even in the army then aren't specific until after enlistment about how much SLRP you qualify for. I came out with 45k in student loans and expected not to be primarily responsible for them after enlistment, but they will only pay back your federal loans which was only about half for me. also, any loans no matter how they originated that you have missed too many payments on will not qualify for SLRP. Only federal Dept of Education Stafford and Perkins Loans that you are in good standing with as far as repayment. It is also important to note that you are responsible for monthly payments on the qualifying loans until you graduate from BCT. I qualified for 25k in SLRP at the time of enlistment in Oct 2012 but the army will realistically only be paying 23k of that back between being in RSP for 6 months and still making monthly payments.


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        Re: SLRP

        Bottom line, go army national guard. More job options, better benefits and more motivated individuals. My buddy is in the air guard and has been conflicted many times seeing officers alter their PFT score cards to passing scores when they are fat slobs who fail every month. Time and time again he has seen his superiors get promoted using these altered scores. They dont let you do that crap anymore in the ARNG