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  • AKO Learning - SSD 1

    Hi all,

    I would like to ask you for help regarding my further Army education -SSD 1. I cannot understand how you can access it!!!

    I have just returned from my AIT and want to continue my education, but I cannot! I log into the AKO site. Then I go to "My education" --> ALMS. After this several options are available, I clicked "Current enrollments" and saw SSD 1 there. Clicking on it brings me to the page with the list of modules in this course. I wanted to start a module and clicked on it, instead I got several options among which there was no option like "Begin" or something, so I chose "Register for the course". Instead, this brings me to a page with some search which gives nothing, no matter what I search for. I don't understand, this page is SO STRANGELY built, I never saw a more complex and obscure website. Could anyone give me DETAILED step-by-step instructions how can I start my SSD 1 education? Many thanks!

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    Re: AKO Learning - SSD 1

    ALMS is a pain. Basically try to follow this path: Click "Current Enrollments"> Scroll and find "Structured Self-Development Level 1"> Click "+" sign to expand > Click "Launch".

    If you start getting hung up in a doloop, you're probably stuck where ALMS will only load the Letter of Instruction. In that case you'll need to scroll down and hit "Launch" on the one that looks something like this: Structured Self-Development - Level 1 (SSDI)_Module01.

    Yes, the navigation is a pain.


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      Re: AKO Learning - SSD 1

      WTF! I thought Marine Net was bad, this AKO stuff is horrible. I tried to enroll in SSD-X and can't seem to find a "register" button (even after a google search for instructions) Any help?


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        Re: AKO Learning - SSD 1

        The ATHD (Army Training Help Desk) was invaluable to me and they can take you step by step over the phone. Give them a ring the number is under the ALMS logo in My Training.


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          Re: AKO Learning - SSD 1

          Wow, AKO and ALMS is a real blast.
          For some reason, search isn't pulling up SSD-1 or SSD-2, only 3 and 4.
          I guess the first test is to see if you can actually figure out how to log in, find the course, register, and take the course.

          Hopefully I am up to the task.



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            Calling all NCO's... Does anyone else else remember a time where training soldiers to become future leaders came from training in the FIELD (not on a laptop from home), sharing deployment experience (which is pretty pretty slim in the upper ranks that have been hiding in school houses coincidentally) and having an interactive teaching environment where you can ask questions and challenge the learning process by thinking outside the box and ask if we are actually "doing the right thing" or "doing things right". The army switching to online learning is a huge shift in the wrong direction. I have spoke to countless junior enlisted soldiers aboubt the SDD1 program and experienced it first hand. The content is embarrassing and dangerously common sense. And to think once a soldier has completed it that they are ready to lead other soldiers into combat is a grave mistake. This also goes to say for almost all army classes conduct online to include sexual harassment or the new (SHARP) or suicide prevention. Has anybody ever heard the jokes that "this class makes me want to kill myself"? Hey army... Take a hint. I could go on for days to include the fact that my reserve soldiers who oblige to their one weekend a month/2 weeks a year contract were forced to complete at home assignments as well as dictated to complete SSD1 within a specificed timeline which breaches the signed contract of "one weekend a month/2 weeks a year. Not to mention that self structed development has to do with SELF structured development. Not being told that you have complete this new online, untested joke of a training assignment. Not to take away from my fellow reservists but we all have FULL time lives. FULL time careers. Friends. Family. The army is still a job. Trust me I don't do it for the money and I'm sure most of us don't because it is.definitely not the highest paying job out there. To give an example(and I'm not looking for you're simpathy) my girlfriend is an E-4/full time student/works 24 hours a week/and is very dedicated to her family(and me). She was ordered by her chain of command (as well as every other junior enlisted in the company) to complete SSD1 within a deadline. The other junior soldiers in that company have just as much, if not more, civilian obligations (tell me family is not the most important thing to you) to attend to than some BS online army school which is only a prerequisite to a now FAILING important army school. When I went to WLC I was one of the last few classes that had to A. Pass a P.T. test and B. Pass land nav. As mentioned I could go on for days but I'm just trying make other NCO's aware of the BS that is happening around us and to remind you brothers and sisters to not sit back and let it happen. Remember that your purpose and responsibility is to shield our soldiers from this. To train them. To make them ready to fight wars in defense of our country. Do your job. Thank you.