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  • Scholarship Question

    I am currently a junior in high school and planning on shipping to basic training/AIT after my high school graduation and start college at Ohio State the spring semester, eventually joining their ROTC program. I have been told to try and obtain the GRFD Scholarship. Is that the same as the 4 year scholarship, or is there a difference? Ohio National Guard pays 100% tuition (budget cuts don't affect it), so I am looking for help on paying my room and board only, as my tuition will be paid for. Which scholarship (if different) should I apply for?

    Also, do I sign up for the scholarship (the GRFD or the 4 year scholarship) now, or do I wait until my senior year of highschool when I am enlisted in the National Guard? I saw that scholarships for the 2014 school year are now being accepted, so do I sign up for that now? Or do I wait until enlisted, or should I just wait completely to try to obtain the GRFD Scholarship once in college?

    I just am unsure if I should go after the 4 year scholarship or the GRFD scholarship, and when to start trying to apply for these scholarships. If I do SMP, am I even eligible for the 4 year scholarship, or is the GRFD all I could attempt to get? Thank you.
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    Re: Scholarship Question

    My apologies that I am responding on my smartphone which causes me to be less detailed. You are confusing apples and oranges to some extent. All ROTC scholarships are competitive but are not tied to your enlisted guard service. A guaranteed reserve forces duty scholarship by design locks you to part time service. Other scholarships allow you to compete for active duty slots. You can pursue any of those options or none at all. The Ohio TA does not tag on to a potential ROTC scholarship in the way you suggest nor is a scholarship guaranteed for you. Even graduation from ROTC is becoming more competitive and performance based. SMP status is not directly correlated to any scholarship status. You could be anSMP cadet with no scholarship at all. My question is do you want to serve on active duty?


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      Re: Scholarship Question

      I was not planning on going active duty, but rather staying in the Guard and serving part time while holding a civilian job.

      So if I can go after both scholarships, should I begin applying for the four year scholarship now? I have a 3.86 gpa and 28 act, so I was told I would have a decent shot at getting these.