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  • DEDNG scholarship

    Hello, I was wondering if the DEDNG scholarship ( is competitive. Am I guaranteed the scholarship if I meet the basic requirements? I am trying to fund my masters program.

    I just want to make sure I understand it correctly, is this how it works? -> join national guard->join ROTC->apply for scholarship->receive scholarship and attend school for 2 years->incur additional service and become officer.

    Also, is joining ROTC and smp required for this scholarship or can i remain enlisted? There is a lot of competition at my school for 2 year rotc program, so I want to have a back up plan to help pay for my education should I not be able to get in.
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    Re: DEDNG scholarship

    It is competitive, and based on best qualified. In years past, we had more money than applicants (since many applicants attended state schools and only needed two-year awards), although that's not exactly the case at this time.

    My recommendation is that you plot a Plan B (i.e., a plan to pay for college without the scholarship). Work with your recruiter on this. This plan may require you to skip a semester to attend Basic and AIT, since becoming (and staying) fully-qualified is a requirement of some of the educational and financial incentives.

    DedARNG Scholarship recipients must become SMP cadets, that's part of the compliance requirements. For additional guidance, look at my signature block.