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Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

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  • Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

    Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

    1. This incentive is available for Non-Prior Service and Prior Service applicants that are also receiving the Montgomery GI Bill-Selective Reserve (MGIB-SR), Non-Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (NPSEB), and/or the Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB) providing they meet the requirements.
    2. This incentive is not available current Army National Guard members concurrently receiving the Re-enlistment Bonus (REB), Officer/Warrant Officer Accession Bonus (OAB), Officer/Warrant Officer Affiliation Bonus (OAFB), Chaplain Loan Repayment Program (CHLRP), or the Health Loan Repayment Program (HLRP). (Note: The Soldier may not complete the O9S contract in order to receive the OAB)
    3. Applicant must have one or more qualifying Title 1V Federal loans that are not in default at the time of enlistment/re-enlistment/extension. The loan(s) must be listed on the Department of Education National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Aid Summary website sheet. Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS Loan[s]) incurred for individual use only are eligible for repayment. State and private loans are not eligible for repayment under the SLRP program.
    4. Loans must be distributed prior to enlistment/re-enlistment/extension and be at least 1 year old on the anniversary date of the contract. See regulation for more details on exceptions. Loans disbursed after the date of date of enlistment, affiliation, or reenlistment/extension are not eligible unless the Soldier extends for an additional 6 year period and without a break in service. A new SLRP service agreement must be completed for each 6 year extension.
    5. The current lifetime maximum amount for SLRP/O9S programs to be repaid is $50,000. The date of enlistment, affiliation, or reenlistment/extension into the ARNG establishes the lifetime maximum amount that may be repaid along with establishing the SLRP anniversary repayment date (month), unless adjusted for periods of authorized non-availability. The exception would be a Soldier who reenlists/extends will be eligible for repayment on the anniversary date of his or her reenlistment/extension contract start date.
    6. A SLRP contract cannot be executed unless the State SLRP Manager/IM approves the Soldier’s eligibility. No exceptions.
    7. For Non-Prior Service (NPS) or O9S applicants:
    a. Enlisting under the Split Training Option or the Civilian Acquired Skills Program (CASP) providing the incentive is stand-alone.
    b. O9S applicants are not authorized for any enlisted SLRP and is not authorized an OAB once they are commissioned.
    c. Minimum 6 year service contract. (Note: an O9S applicant must also meet the minimum O9S SLRP criteria)
    d. Enlists in a valid, top-loaded vacancy. Filling an over strength slot is not allowed.
    e. AFQT (ASVAB) score of 50 or higher
    f. Must meet all the Tier 1 education requirements. See regulation for more details on levels and scoring.
    g. O9S must have 90 semester college credit hours listed on an official transcript or must have a Bachelors degree or higher.
    h. An Applicant processing through the RTRS must enlist within the date of request, plus 7 days of the RTRS reservation, in order to secure the CS vacancy. Exceptions not authorized.
    g. Applicant must not be enlisting as/for Non-O9S SLRP OCS candidate, O9R Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Cadet (aka. Reserve Officer Training Corps--ROTC), Glossary Non-Prior Service, Active First program, GED Plus program, Recruit Force Pool (RFP) Soldier, or have previously received SLRP or ROTC scholarship.
    8. A Prior Service applicant is eligible providing they:
    a. Enlist a minimum of 6 years
    b. Are in an MOS that is authorized for their skill set in a vacant, non-over-strength/excess slot in the rank of E-7 or below.
    c. Meet the Basic Combat Training requirements if their prior service is from a different branch. BCT must be completed within 365 days from the date of enlistment. The Soldier is not eligible for initial anniversary SLRP payments until completion of BCT.
    d. Have less than 16 years Time In Service (TIS) upon enlistment/affiliation. This includes IRR or ING periods.
    e. Meet the RE and SPD codes for re-enlistment.
    f. Have not previously received the SLRP in their military career
    g. Must not have previously received an ROTC scholarship
    h. Must not be enlisting as a Non-O9S OCS candidate or O9R SMP cadet
    i. Minimum AFQT (ASVAB) score of 31
    j. Applicants enlisting under conditional release from any other branch other than the USAR is not eligible. USAR applicants must enlist in the initial MOS for which the initial SLRP was issued. See regulation for the list of documents needed.
    9. Current ARNG member is eligible providing they:
    a. Meet all the re-enlistment/extension requirements.
    b. Extend within 365-91 days of their ETS for a minimum of 6 years. The 1 year anniversary date will be the contract start date (the day after ETS), not the signature date.
    c. Be in the rank of E-7 or below. Promotion to E-8 is authorized after contract date.
    d. Commissioned Officers are not eligible.
    e. Fill a vacant, non-over-strength/excess MOS slot for the MOS they are qualified for. See regulation for more details Non-MOSQ exceptions.
    f. Must have less than 13 years TIS at the time of their current ETS.
    g. Do not fill a Military Technician or Active Guard and Reserve position.
    h. Are not under SFPA. Exceptions not authorized
    i. An SLRP extension is not authorized for an Officer who received this incentive as an enlisted applicant.
    j. A Soldier who was eligible to extend for Deployment Extension Stabilization Pay (DESP) but chose not to participate is not eligible for this incentive until 12 months after their scheduled ETS or obligated service date.
    k. A Soldier currently under a DESP extension in which the mobilization was cancelled and has now surpassed their original ETS and is now eligible for discharge may reenlist providing they meet the requirements. Refer to regulation or recruiter for more details.
    l. Refer to the regulation for details on processing and signing requirements.
    10. Payment will not exceed $50,000 with annual repayments to include interest not to exceeding $7,500 the maximum amount established by law.
    11. Payment does not occur until Soldier is MOS qualified. (Exception authorized for O9S applicants) If a Prior Service applicant requires BCT, they must first complete BCT to be eligible for payment.
    12. Each individual loan must be at least 1 year old on the anniversary date of the enlistment, affiliation, or reenlistment/extension.
    13. Anniversary SLRP payments will not exceed 15% or $500 (whichever is greater) of the initial disbursed amounts that were approved upon the date of enlistment, affiliation, or reenlistment/extension, to include accrued interest. Loans with zero balances will not be eligible for payment. See regulation for more details.
    14. Prorated payments are not authorized for any of the following reasons:
    a. A separation that results in a failure to complete an entire year of satisfactory performance.
    b. Accepting of an AGR or MilTech position.

    15. Soldier must make monthly payments on the loans to ensure they do not fall into default status. If the loans are in default on the anniversary date, will not be processed. Repayment of default loans may be eligible for repayment the following anniversary date providing they are no longer in default. The ARNG will also not pay for late fees, interest, or other associated charges, nor will they reimburse the Soldier for payments made by them or on their behalf. All payments are made to the financial institution only.
    16. Lender information must be verified annually and within 90 days from the anniversary date.
    17. The SLRP/CHLRP are taxed at time of disbursement. A separate W-2 statement will be issued at the end of the calendar year. See regulation for more details.
    18. Suspension. The O9S option is subject to suspension if candidate:
    a. Fails to begin program within 1 year of date of enlistment.
    b. Fails to earn a Bachelors degree within 2 years of the date of enlistment.
    c. Fails to accept Commission within 3 years of the date of enlistment.
    d. Drops out of the OCS program and fails to become MOSQ. Candidate is required to become MOSQ within 180 days upon withdrawl from OCS. Suspension will be lifted once an MOS is earned.

    19. Termination of incentive will occur if:
    a. A break in service except those authorized periods of non-availability. See regulation for more details.
    b. A PS O9S Recipient/Soldier that is required and does not complete BCT within 365 days. No recoupment.
    c. Any Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Officer who received SLRP will be terminated without recoupment effective the date they are appointed to an AMEDD corps or branch.
    d. See the regulation for a complete list of Terminiation with recoupment reasons.

    Payment is not automatic. Payment will not be processed until all requirements have been met and qualifications have been verified by the State Incentive Manager.

    The Soldier must submit a NSLDS summary aid sheet and a DD2475 for each loan annually for loan repayment, prior to completion of each year of satisfactory service under this agreement.

    *An applicant should ALWAYS refer to their local recruiter for the most up-to-date information on payment installments and amounts. These can and do vary between states and often change overnight.

    Updates in bold 10Jan13
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