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Using Scholarships Wisely

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  • Using Scholarships Wisely

    I have been following the forums for a few years now mapping out a career path. I finally enlisted as a 19D a few weeks ago and am taking ROTC at my university this fall. I leave for OSUT in January and hopefully contract into SMP once I return. I was wondering what the best way to use scholarship/tuition assistance money wisely so that I could use one to pay for tuition and another for room and board. I remember the reference material from the FAQ but the virtual armory link no longer works as well as when I searched for EOIM 08-17 document I came up empty. When I asked my recruiter about a way to pay for room and board, he told me it was not possible, although the FAQ kind of says different.

    Excerpt from the FAQ
    •May not use Federal and/or State Tuition Assistance while on ROTC scholarship of any kind, unless you opt to direct the ROTC scholarship towards payment of room & board on campus (reference: EOIM 08-17). This is an excellent option for cadets at a State school, whose Tuition Assistance largely covers.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Re: Using Scholarships Wisely

    Depending on your state, there are various programs that you may use for tuition and other expenses. For my graduate school at Northern Illinois University, I was using the Illinois National Guard Grant (ING), and to cover the fees that the ING wouldn't cover, I also used Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA). That combination allowed me to use the Chapter 1607 Gi Bill monthly stipend for living expenses.

    Your Military Student Services personnel should be able to give you quick guidance on what they can and cannot allow to be processed.


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      Re: Using Scholarships Wisely

      Originally posted by jetmemphis91 View Post
      When I asked my recruiter about a way to pay for room and board, he told me it was not possible, although the FAQ kind of says different.
      Your recruiter made an accurate statement, the ROTC scholarship is not something the guard provides. That is something you get from ROTC. There is no "guard" program to pay for room and board.


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        Re: Using Scholarships Wisely

        I realize that there is no "guard" way, which is why I asked about scholarships as the title suggest. My recruiter is the liaison between the guard and the university's ROTC department. We were looking over the rules and it said that T/A would be canceled if a scholarship was accepted, that you could get one or the other. I was trying to put in the footwork to try to find this document: EOIM 08-17 as the FAQ says that would shed some light on the subject.


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          Re: Using Scholarships Wisely

          We do have a category of ROTC scholarships that require National Guard service (the famous Dedicated ARNG scholarships), that function just like the others, except they require SMP service and eight years of drilling after graduation. Perhaps your recruiter is sorta-right, and just sloppy with terminology.