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  • SLRP Process

    I just enlisted into the National Guard as an E-4 a few weeks ago, and they took all of my information for the SLRP. However, I wasn't told anything about how the process works or what to do, other than that the Guard will make one payment per year. Is there something I'm supposed to do to make sure these loans get paid off, or do I just wait? Also, am I supposed to put my loans in forbearance for the first year, or just continue paying them myself until the Guard starts a year from now? Thanks!

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    Re: SLRP Process

    I am sure some members can give you more specific information, but SLRP does not work "by itself", in so far that YOU have to annually initiate the ANNUAL payment with paperwork. You are required to make your monthly payments regardless of the Guard's annual $1,500 or 15% or whatever your enlisted benefit reads. In fact, if the loan defaults the SLRP won't pay at ALL and you'll be left holding the bag. Contact your Education office ASAP.


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      Re: SLRP Process

      The general answer to your question is, like Mongoose said, it is up to you to initiate all administrative actions for your SLRP. If you'd like more details you can look at AR 135_7, Chapter 5. Here's the passage that directly pertains to your question:

      5–1.4.1. Counseling
      a. Commanders will ensure that a soldier who contracts for the SLRP has been counseled by a service representative regarding the soldier’s obligations and responsibilities as cited on DA Form 5261–4–R (Student Loan Repayment Program Addendum).
      b. Commanders should ensure the soldier is aware that it is the soldier’s responsibility to—
      (1) Make arrangements for deferment or forbearance with lenders or notes holders on loans which are falling due; and
      (2) Initiate the request for loan(s) repayment during each year the soldier meets the requirements cited on DA Form 5261–4–R by completing DD Form 2475 (DOD Educational Loan Repayment Program (LRP ) Annual Application) and submitting it to the personnel officials of his or her assigned command.

      Just remember to keep in contact with your unit RNCO and they will be able to help you keep up with the paperwork.

      Good luck with your training!


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        Re: SLRP Process

        90 days prior to you anniversary date you will initate the DD 2475 (example: if you enlisted 21 May 2012, your next anniversary date will be 21 May 2013). A new requirement is to also submit information from the NSLDS website with the DD 2475. I agree with RyCass and stay in contact with your RNCO.