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New FTA reg's.

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  • New FTA reg's.

    The NG has not been advertising these new changes........very few words have been said about it. receive Federal Tuition Assistance (which I had last semester, with NO problems) the university a soldier wants to attend MUST now sing a memorandum of understanding with the Army, in addition to a SOCAD and uploaded degree plan. The former two, are easy to get done.

    However, with this new MOU......the list of schools that have signed it is thin. And, those that have are not even MAJOR four year universities. Here in Colorado, no university has signed it...nor intends to do so. Now, they had until today to sign it but.........unless there was a last minute change, it does not look good.

    In addition, State Tuition Assistance is NOT what is advertised.."up to 100%" some states. For example, herein has been cut across the board by a minimum of 50% (yet, illegal aliens now receive in-state tuition prices if they want to go to college).

    So...any newbies............make sure you do your research on this.

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    Re: New FTA reg's.

    Ok, a little over dramatic. We've only had a couple schools say they weren't signing, but even some of those are changing there mind.


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      Re: New FTA reg's.

      Just thought I'd add this little update to help ease the minds of those out there. This article was just posted today concerning this. Basically it was revised and the policy has not went into affect yet. Pretty much the whole reason for this policy is to keep all of the For Profit schools (that often don't transfer credits) from preying on soldiers to get the easy gov money and also in many cases even encouraging them to take additional loans.