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Does my MOS matter?

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    Re: Does my MOS matter?

    Yeah infantry is fine and all they protect the country, honor integrity and all that jazz but you have to go by the individual person.

    By you having only a GED I don't recommend you go infantry because infantry doesn't transfer to anything in the real world except for police. You'd be better off setting yourself up with a different set of skills to make some real money because there are a ton of options and infantry isn't everything. Most people do go to infantry it's not like they have an infantry shortage.


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      Re: Does my MOS matter?

      There really isn't an exact MOS that will teach you a skill that you can take to the civilian sector and start making serious money (six figures). Its all about how you broaden your skill set while in the service and learn how to sell yourself to your next prospective employer. I have a SPC in my squad who was a contractor in Afghanistan a year ago making nearly 200,000 a year. He is a 12B and at the time he was a contractor was a PFC in the NG. Sure he has 3 different degrees but the job he did as a contractor wasn't related in any way to any of them. However, he is a really smart guy who does a really good job of marketing himself. I'm taking notes from him because I want that job when I get back.

      So in my opinion it doesn't really matter if you are going to be 11B vs 42A vs what ever else, do what you think you will enjoy the most.


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        Re: Does my MOS matter?

        Infantry teaches you things that don't get taught in most places such as: Discipline, Team-work, Taking Orders, Soldier Skills, etc.

        If you can be an exceptional Infantryman, then you can probably succeed in most any career field.

        Infantry has many transferable skills to the civilian side such as: Private Contractor, Federal Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement, Security Guards, Bodyguards, Bounty Hunters, Jailers, Survival Instructors, Weapons Instructors, Any Government Work....You are only limited by your thought process.

        Inside the Guard, Infantry gets promoted faster because people leave or get hurt sometimes they get really cool AGR jobs at the different ranges.

        I use the Guard as a means to see and do things I don't get to experience in my civilian work. As explosive hazard said you have to do something you love to do.


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          Re: Does my MOS matter?

          People who put down the infantry are usually those who either dont have an understanding of it or have a chip on their shoulder about it. They get upset because for the most part, infantry has the highest physical demands and does some of the coolest and hardest training and it gives soldiers a lot to brag about. People who do less of that sometimes get bothered.

          Whether or not infantry is right for you or will help you outside the guard is all within your control, pretty much like anything else.

          Just skip the infantry if you cant or wont do the work required to maintain a passing APFT score and height/weight standards.