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How to Find a Career??

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  • How to Find a Career??

    I'm new to the interest of joining the Natl. Guard and I guess that no matter how much I research, I can't seem to find out how the career part of the NG works... Once you pick your MOS and go through BCT/AIT, do you choose a military career or a civilian one? Or can you do either? Part of my wanting to join was to go down a different career path, but once you're done with AIT, are your chances of getting a military career good or about the same as getting a civilian one? I'm confused as to how all of that works. I suppose job security is my biggest concern. Thank you in advance for any help!

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    Re: How to Find a Career??

    Hi Trask013,

    When you sign up for the Guard you will choose an MOS and go through Basic Training and AIT, as you stated. Then when you get back to your home state you can persue either a civilian or military career. Some states are easier than others in finding an ADOS/AGR or Technician position (full time Guard positions), so you will need to talk with your recruiter for the best idea of what is available in your state. Also, the MOS you choose can play a big factor in what is available in the Guard full time in your state. Once again, your recruiter should be able to help in that area.

    A lot of people I have talked with choose something completely different for their Guard MOS from the civilian career. They want to do something different on their drill weekends from what they do during the week and it braodens their knowledge and skills.

    I hope this helps answer your questions. If you need more info let us know.


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      Re: How to Find a Career??


      The National Guard is a part-time job. 39+/- days a year. This type of question comes up frequently on the forums, but frankly "full time" military opportunities within the Reserve components are relatively uncommon. They are virtually NON-EXSISTANT for NEW soldiers. That being said, temporary ADOS funds are avalible for various times and missions which I often direct my highly motiviated yet under employed soldiers to...but it is not something they can "bank" on.