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What is it like to be a Medic/68W?

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  • What is it like to be a Medic/68W?


    I'm 20 years old this July, got my GED, and have been really looking into the Guard as a way to better my future, and grow as an individual while serving my country. I've been looking around at different career choices for about a month now, when I came across this MOS. I'm very curious about it, so I thought I'd ask here since a recruiter is a fair bit of a drive from me. I was just wondering what it's like to be a medic after you get out of AIT? Here are a few quick questions I had regarding it as well:

    1. I heard there are 3 different kinds of Medic: One is a flight medic, the other is working in a field hospital, the other is a line medic which is attached to an infantry unit. Is there a way I can choose which one I would like to be assigned to? I think it'd be really exciting to be a flight medic. What kind of responsibilities does each one have?

    2. What are the negatives of the job? All I've heard are positives when watching the goarmy videos about the MOS. Like what is the stress level like? Do you need a really high tolerance and such?

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    Re: What is it like to be a Medic/68W?

    Would like to know as well. I'm looking for a practical skill to bring back to civilian world. I'm not looking to be a career nurse or even work in the medical field outside of the military but I would like to experience the environment of working as a line medic and/or learning to deal with trauma.


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      Re: What is it like to be a Medic/68W?

      1. You may have some say in picking which unit you get assigned to, your recruiter will most likely spit out some unit information and it won't make sense to you. Each one of those types of medic has a much different scope of medical practice. As far as being a flight medic you won't even qualify until you spend atleast a year being a regular medic.

      2. If you don't pay attention you could kill someone. You need to pay attention to what is being taught to you and take it serious. Someone's life may depend on you.