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BAH Question while attending BOLC

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  • BAH Question while attending BOLC

    After commissioning I received a full time job near my parents house. I currently pay rent to live there (until I save up enough to move out) and we have a lease agreement. They pay taxes on having it as rental income. I was wondering if I would be allowed to receive BAH for living at a relatives house with a lease agreement. I've been getting mixed reviews from people saying that if it isn't a place that can be rented to anyone in the public then I won't be allowed to receive BAH or because it is a relative that I won't be able to receive BAH. Hopefully someone can qualify this for me? Also if I am allowed to receive it should I bring a few copies of the lease agreement with me or will they take my work?

    Very Respectfully,

    For instance this is what I found through googling things on BAH taken from ALARACT MESSAGE 158/2009 :

    (1) Proof of financial responsibility does not include a notarized promissory agreement of a financial agreement between a relative and/or a friend that is not a true commercial and legal agreement. A single Soldier that resides in a domicile that is jointly occupied home of a friend or relative may not have the friend/relative prepare a lease in order for the Soldier to claim financial responsibility for the residence for the purpose of claiming BAH.

    (2) A house or apartment must be a legitimate residential rental property (rented or leased by the Soldier) in order for it to qualify for proof of financial responsibility.
    (3) Legitimate residential rental property is property that is available for rent to the public and for which the owner is responsible for reporting the rent as income to the Internal Revenue Service.
    (4) To be considered a valid lease or rental agreement it must be maintained by the service member during the lET period for continued eligibility of BAH.
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    I will have all my ducks in order since 3000+ a month in BAH will not come back to bite you that you are defrauding the government. I will have that lease agreement and any cancelled checks to validate your claim. Basically, the lease should be valid but in your situation in which you live in your parents home can be considered questionable. This has been discussed many times on this forum by others in your same predicament.


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      Thanks again for your help! I'll just bring my lease agreement and hope for the best. I'll explain the situation the best I can and the worst that happens is they say no.


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        You will qualify for BAH.