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Lasik eye surgery

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  • Lasik eye surgery

    My question is for anyone who knows about lasik eye surgery. As a current M-day soldier, with a deployment to Iraq, can I get free lasik? Or have help paying for it by the Guard?

    Thank you.

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    you are gonna have to pay for it yourself. There is/was a program for soldiers in a critical MOS who could get PRK if they had an upcoming deployment but that is/was for active duty (title 10) soldiers.


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      The active duty Army has the Warrior Refractive Eye Surgery Program (WRESP) on most active duty posts/bases.


      All active-duty & activated National Guard & Reserve soldiers (Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines) are eligible for refractive surgery under the WRESP program if they meet the following criteria:
      • Approval by Commanding Officer (rank of O-3 or above)
      • At least 18 months remaining on active duty after surgery (or in conjunction with an executed reenlistment action)
      • No adverse personnel actions pending
      • At least 18 years of age
      • Ability to meet all pre-operative and post-operative appointments
      If you do not need glasses or contact lenses to drive a car, you are not a candidate for refractive eye surgery because your uncorrected vision is too good. Certain individuals are poor candidates for refractive surgery & will be advised so after the pre-operative evaluation.

      Category 1: Any combat arms soldier & deploying soldier regardless of specialty.
      Category 2: Non-combat arms soldiers who are not deploying are treated on a space-available basis.