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Problem with bonus

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  • Problem with bonus

    I've been having some issues with the 2nd half of my bonus as well. It was due in sept but I found out in Feb. that there was something wrong with my contract. I submitted the required documentation to the NGB in March. I just want to how many more months do I have to wait for it. I have a terminal child and I'm about to lose my place. That money could have helped me pay my back rent. I'm desperate at this point and I don't know who to call or write and my unit doesn't have any answers nor do they care. Please Help

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    Re: Problem with bonus


    I made a new thread for you. If your RNCO is not giving you the help you need, go up the chain. I sympathize because I know bonus issues are a mess. It always seems like the person "at state" or whatever, is some mystery finance turd that controls and monitors the status of them all. I say mystery because their identity only seems to be known to your RNCO, who you then have to rely on for communication. Which is a recipe for disaster. Whatever info you seem to get on this is minimal at best. Or it's the same old "if you don't see it in X amount of weeks/months...let me know." Nobody seems to take it seriously either. I could go on all day about the HR full timers. /sigh

    Good luck.
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      Re: Problem with bonus

      Speaking as the "Mysterious Finance Turd" for bonuses in my state: Go to IG.

      IG can bypass your chain and exert some pressure on the Incentives Manager. However, they can only influence how soon you recieve your bonus by a matter of days, possibly a couple of weeks.

      Questions your IG should ask:
      When was my Exception to Policy (ETP) submitted to PEC?
      When did PEC submit my ETP to NGB?
      Has NGB rendered a decision? What was the decision?
      If approved, has my payment been submitted to PEC? When?

      The ETP process averages 4 months. Payments take another 2.5-3 months to make their way to DFAS.
      The best you can hope for is that your state Incentive Manager acts quickly - then you *might* see payment 7-8 months after the ETP was submitted.

      IG can't really speed up the process, but they can get you information. With information you can at least make a plan.


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        Re: Problem with bonus

        I have had issues with an Active First Contract not paying out I have two bonus Addendums and therefore my chain of command keeps telling me that the 2nd half of the contract is denied of bonus. I have searched and searched for answers I was promised 40K for the First 4 years and the other 4 years reserve for 20K now there telling me that its denied? is there anyone that has had the same contract ? I have the forms saying 48 months 40K then 20k for 6-2 years as a NON critical Mos entitlement. Please direct me with the right person that might be able to solve or answer my questions.