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SLRP and 09S Question

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  • SLRP and 09S Question

    I Pulled this from the SLRP STICKY. I have bolded the parts I need clarification on.

    7. For Non-Prior Service (NPS) or O9S applicants:
    a. Enlisting under the Split Training Option or the Civilian Acquired Skills Program (CASP) providing the incentive is stand-alone.
    b. O9S applicants are not authorized for any enlisted SLRP and is not authorized an OAB once they are commissioned.
    c. Minimum 6 year service contract. (Note: an O9S applicant must also meet the minimum O9S SLRP criteria)
    d. Enlists in a valid, top-loaded vacancy. Filling an over strength slot is not allowed.
    e. AFQT (ASVAB) score of 50 or higher
    f. Must meet all the Tier 1 education requirements. See regulation for more details on levels and scoring.
    g. O9S must have 90 semester college credit hours listed on an official transcript or must have a Bachelors degree or higher.
    h. An Applicant processing through the RTRS must enlist within the date of request, plus 7 days of the RTRS reservation, in order to secure the CS vacancy. Exceptions not authorized.
    g. Applicant must not be enlisting as/for Non-O9S SLRP OCS candidate, O9R Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Cadet (aka. Reserve Officer Training Corps--ROTC), Glossary Non-Prior Service, Active First program, GED Plus program, Recruit Force Pool (RFP) Soldier, or have previously received SLRP or ROTC scholarship.

    And refering to RyCass is post: O9S Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

    Please refer to the SLRP sticky for information on the O9S SLRP. As of 01Jan13, the O9S SLRP requirements have been combined with the Enlisted SLRP in the new SRIP.

    So...What does it mean when it says 09S is not authorized for any enlisted SLRP ??

    Is/Was there a difference between enlisted and commissioning SLRP? My confusion lies with the mentioning of 'enlisted'.

    So basically, SLRP is not authorized for 09S candidates at this time ? I dont want to be spoon fed, I just cannot determine what they are trying to say. I understand that the OAB is not being given...

    Thanks for the help.
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    Re: SLRP and 09S Question


    I was down at MEPS yesterday and 09S DOES QUALIFY for SLRP! I asked the guy who was doing my processing and he said I qualified...Long story short, Uncle Sam is covering my student loans! Totally was not expecting this and am very pleased about it!! Can you tell?