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Help Please with BAH & Pay

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  • Help Please with BAH & Pay

    My Husband is at basic training and we live in Arizona He is an E-3 and we are renting a house. Every two weeks his check only come out to $1,500 does that seem right with BAH & separation pay? because to me that does not seem right? I know they take out a lot for the first few weeks because of supplies and uniforms and such but he has been there for 2 months now and I don't believe we are receiving our BAH or separation pay. Could someone help me and answer to what is going on here? some people say it it split up in two payments for the 1st and the 15th and some people are saying its back dated and haven't received it for 3 months after starting Basic i am a little confused on this if i am correct and he hasn't received his BAH or our separation pay who do we get in contact with to get this issue cleared up?

    thank you,

    Mrs Craig

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    Re: Help Please with BAH & Pay

    That's about right. As an E-4 at BCT, I was receiving about $1500 or so after taxes per pay-check. That was with Basic Pay, BAH, and Family Separation Allowance.

    However, if you think something is wrong you should write him. If you believe there is an issue he can ask his chain-of-command to check his MYPAY account to ensure his Leave & Earnings Statement (LES) has all of that included.

    Of course I could be wrong, but I thought the LES go to home-of-record while the soldier is away (pretty sure my wife received mine). If the soldier is receiving those things, they should all appear in the Entitlements column.


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      Re: Help Please with BAH & Pay

      I'm currently in OSUT and home on HBL. I'm an E-3 and receive BAH and Family Separation Pay. My checks come out to $1500.00 as well.


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        Re: Help Please with BAH & Pay

        no need to be rude it was a simple question to his pay to get a better understanding of it all and it is OUR money no matter what because my money is his money and his money is my money when your married money is together not divided when your married things are equal thats like saying if we have a baby i'm the one who carried it so thats my child not his makes no sence anyways thanks for answers.